Friday, September 24, 2010

FINALLY on the house

WOOOHOOOOO! the repairs on our house started today!!! finally!!!!!! they will be done with the repairs by next friday. then the inspector comes out and then 10 working days from that inspection is when we will close. absolute latest close date will be oct. 22 although we can close before that and actually should close before that. YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in other life is insanely crazy right now but good. our first bible study went really well and my co-leader and i are very excited about our group! soooo excited. everyone was talkative and it was great. a huge release to get that over with! then on saturday i have four photo shoots! woo hoo! i'm so excited. i love taking pictures! so thank you to my friends who are booking with me!
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Sunday, September 19, 2010

A long time...

sorry the posts are becoming fewer and farther between. i am swamped! school pretty much consumes me on a regular basis. fortunately my dad now takes zander to school in the morning which is a HUGE help! it saves my mornings! then my mom comes over on mwf to stay with ro and jade so they don't have to come with me to pick z up. that is also huge! but now everything else in the world has started....i'm leading a bible study, started an online photoshop class, volunteering at the seminary, and oh yea, started a home business! what was i thinking?! i recently got laid off due to budget constraints at the seminary, that's why its called volunteering...:( i just couldn't walk away from what i do there yet. but now i'm in desperate need of income cause we are about to move. (which is a whole other issue...might be getting a completely different house) so i was looking at what i like doing and well, people kept suggesting photography. so i started it up. and i have a website - and already signing up people! i'm trying to build my portfolio right now so i'm offering major discounts. so if you live in san diego....hit me up!
btw... zander is loving school. he LOVES mandarin and is still doing well. although last week he had a sinus infection and was out THREE days...really!? second week? already?! of and zander are both doing awana and ro loves being a real cubbie this year. jade is my best photo subject right now and a complete ham! she's growing up so fast and her vocabulary is unbelievable! she talks ina few sentences even. she so didn't get that from me! :)
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Monday, September 13, 2010

Zander's first soccer Game!

Zander and the Green hulks had their first game on saturday! it was so much fun for all of them! it took a while for everyone to get an understanding of things. the first half was not much to talk about because they just roamed the field. zander liked chasing the dragon flies. finally they started getting aggressive because they were getting spanked. i told zander if he got the ball to the goal he could get sea monkeys. yes, sea monkeys. he has really really wanted some for a long time. and i'm not above bribery. suddenly a light went on and zander went crazy. he was running like a fast monkey all over the place. he had a HUGE grin on his face the whole time he was running. i'm sure it was the sea monkeys. he made it to the goal a few times with his speeed only to lose it. but hey, first game. i'm proud of how fast he is! ben and i were shocked! he is already asking when his next game is! we are a soccer family... and a minivan. so cliche.

Oh and they lost....badly....

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Beginnings

Today was a crazy big day! my little zander started kindergarten today! what the heck?! how did i get this old?~! so awful....anyways, zander was pretty nervous and quiet this morning. we have to drive to lakeside for school which is 1/2 hr away. so it's a long morning for ro and jade. but we're going to survive this..somehow...until we move. anyways, zander was very scared....but after i picked him up today he was elated and very happy. he loved school and is so stoked to go back tomorrow. so that warms my heart. it didn't really hit me until nap time when i went to lay down and zander wasn't there to curl up beside me. thats when i started bawling.
:( it was so here are pictures of his big day. for those of you who don't know zander is doing a mandarin kindergarten. he will do every other day of mandarin and english. then in second grade add spanish. so its crazy to me. but today he was already singing a song in mandarin. WEIRD! anyways, here's a picture of before and after! you can see the fear at first but then moving on to happy!
also, saturday night jade got her ears pierced!!!! she is so flippin' cute i can barely stand it. she absolutely shocked me by not crying at all! as soon as they showed her a mirror she was awe struck of her ears. just a little gooby! :) love it!
his rockin' dragon backpack!
pick up time! much happier!!

waiting to get her ears pierced...
hey...that hurts!
but i'm so cute!!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Photography Portfolio

so i'm going to try to build a photography business. i'm taking some online classes and reading up. so here's my first attempt. editing is tough!!!