Thursday, January 31, 2008

Potty training update

potty training is actually going much better than expected. zander is even going potty in public! woo hoo! he's wearing big boy underpants most of the time. he does great except in high excitement places like church, indoor play place, and of course the park. but even if he's wearing a diaper he says he has to go potty so that's really good! ronan still has no teeth although he's been increasingly crabby so i'm wondering if that's part of it. and they both still have the leftovers of a cold. so i'm sick to death of wiping noses!

anyways, i'm also trying to get a part time weekend job now to help with finances. unfortunately no one's hiring in the field i was hoping to get into. i've applied at every kids photography place i can think of. picture people, sears, etc. so we'll wait and see. i also applied at macy's. i really want to help our family out and i think this is necessary now.

and finally, some beautiful pictures of little ronan.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Zander's bday pictures

Potty training is still going on. two steps forward, two steps back. seriously i start to think it's going so well and then blam....poop in the pants! oh well, i'm willing to go slow. ronan has stopped really getting on his knees. i thought for a while that he was getting ready to crawl but he doesn't seem to be showing much interest any more. he definitely is showing tons of interest in eating though! man the boy can put it away! he gets so excited and freaks out if you slow down on the feeding. at this age, zander was the same height as ronan is right now (28 3/4 ") but zander was three pounds less!!!! :) oh they're so different!

well i promised pics so here you go!
The t-rex cake my mom made. it was sooo yummy!
blowing out candles!

knee rocking
bubble heads! so cute!!
zander's dino bday
dino cookies!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Potty Training Frustrations

Well Zander and I are locked in the house (ronan is along for the ride) trying to potty train. we're doing it like the potty training in a day except that it's taking longer. If he's naked, he can pee like a champ in the potty. the minute the diaper or underwear goes on, he pees. he has no problem with wet clothes he just can't stand peeing on his skin! he did poop in the potty today so that was good. i guess it's progress. tomorrow is day three. wish my luck. here's also some pics i got taken of the boys for vday. truly gorgeous even if i do say so myself! :)

This is the one we ordered.

hopefully tonight i'll get bday pics up.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Disney and birthdays

Well this weekend we headed to disney for Zander's birthday. we drove down friday night and went to disney all day on saturday and sunday. A dear friend of ours got us tickets so that was a HUGE lifesaver! we spent the whole day on saturday with our friends stacy, chris, and their daughters aspen, leila, and saige. it was so much fun to go with another family and to share in all the line standing together. the day didn't start out well with ben accidentally leaving our camera on the trolley and it got stolen. so we had to buy a disposable camera at disney for $20!!!!!!! oh that was hard to purchase! so the pics aren't so good...:( well, sunday we went to disney with just our family and had fun also. Zander truly loved every minute of being there. his favorite rides were nemo and star tours (much to his daddy's happiness). he was such a big boy and went on his first roller coaster too...but when that was done he looked up at his daddy with big eyes and said "me no like that daddy." poor little thing. but he tried just about everything. ronan took everything in with big eyes too. he was such a darling and did so well. he slept in the stroller or our arms and went on quite a few of the rides.
all in all it was a great time together. we were so blessed to be able to go up there for two days!
today was zander's actual bday and we decorated the house in dinos for him. we also made dino cookies with cookie cutters oma sent. so when he got up he was so excited and loved opening his presents. we then went to the zoo with my mom for the day. zander loved that too. at small group tonight the kids put dino tattoos on and had fun with that. tomorrow gee gee and papaw are coming over for cake and ice cream. my mom made an amazing dino cake for zander too.

how do i have a three year old already?! it's crazy!!! anyways, here's some pics from disney...

on the peter pan ride
my friend stacy and i after the parade

aspen and zander

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Practicing with my camera

I love my new camera! And I have the greatest subjects in the world to work with. So I thought i'd share some of my first attempts. Ronan was getting sick during his photo shoot and his little eyes were so tired.

the hummingbird is from palm desert and i still can't believe i captured it!

Thursday, January 3, 2008


Ronan just got his six month pictures taken. He's such a big boy! Here's some of the better ones!!