Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sometimes you just have to take a picture

There are times were you just can't believe what you're seeing so you have to take a picture. yesterday night was one of those nights. zander apparently went pee and didn't flush it or shut the lid. i was going to the restroom and apparently ronan crawled down the hallway and did this....

I almost fainted....he was so stinkin' happy which was disturbing on so many levels. i stripped him down and put him in his room and ran back to clean up the splashes from all over the floor. i came back and found this..... This is his diaper genie thingy....

so then i just caged them both. :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sicko update

today is wednesday....four days since getting sick. i am FINALLY starting to feel better. good thing too since ben went back to work. zander however, woke up this morning and puked on me and the couch. fabulous. i'm taking him in to the doctor tonight at five.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

This sucks

a few hours after posting, i started throwing up. three days later and we are still throwing up. fortunately God allowed ben's days off to be sunday-tuesday this week! what an answer to prayer! ben and ronan are still healthy for the most part. last night ben fell while going up the stairs and while holding ronan. he tried desperately to protect ronan and took all the weight on his knee.....ronan's head still hit the wall and a 1/2 hour later he started throwing up. so off to the er ben went with him. ronan is fine but zander and i were throwing up like crazy while they were gone. this illness is brutal and it has been one heck of a weekend. pray ben and ronan don't get this!

Saturday, March 22, 2008


well today started out as a great day. we had a sunday school picnic/egg hunt at the park. it was our old sunday school class from college avenue baptist church. ben had to work so it was just the boys and i. zander loved looking for eggs with his friends and ronan loved flirting with everyone. we got home and the boys went to sleep.
then they got up and zander refused to eat. which was weird but i didn't think much of it. i had to run to walmart so i told him he could eat afterwards. so we were walking through walmart and zander wanted to see the toys. we had taken maybe three steps when out comes everything zander has eaten in the last four days i swear. of course in front of EVERYONE and their mom. and then they took forever to show up to clean it up so by the time they got there i had pretty much wiped it all up with wipes. i thought i was going to join him.
came home, got him in bed and it's now ten thirty and he's thrown up twice in his bed. i can't believe it's the night before easter and he has the flu. i guess we won't be going to church tomorrow which sucks because ben is singing special music. blah. my poor little boy. pray for him and please pray that ronan doesn't get it either! or ben and i for that matter.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Beach day and little prayers

It's my moms spring break week which means we're off and cruisin'! yesterday we went to the beach and needless to say it was PACKED with spring breakers! we were all the way to the last row with no parking places. i have never seen it so full before! just casually i said to zander "better pray for a parking spot!" all of a sudden he started praying: "dear jesus, please give present for parking car." so cute. then literally as he said "all done" (amen), a car right in front of us put on it's reverse lights and pulled out! it was the sweetest moment ever. the powerful prayers of children.....
then today we had a beach day with my parents. it was a beautiful day! warm, sunny, and fabulous! ronan went crazy and started eating sand so that was challenging. but he LOVED crawling around like a crazy kid in the sand. he was like a little crab! zander usually hates the water cause he's scared of the waves. sooo...i didn't actually bring his swimsuit. but today he decided to get his feet in the water and of course, fell over. but he still liked he just ran around in his under roos. it was adorable. the boys were loving it all and it was one of the moments were my heart was truly full watching them play. now it's five thirty and they're finally napping. :)
here's some beautiful pictures of my boys!

Friday, March 14, 2008


Ronan has a double ear infection AGAIN! i'm starting to think the first one didn't fully go away even though he had a follow up appointment to check it. he got a cold (thanks to zander) on sunday and last night he was up every HOUR crying which is definitely not like him. and his eye lids were very swollen and crazy looking. apparently the infection spread to his eyes too. great. so three different antibiotics later and hopefully we'll get him feeling better. oh and cvs was off to another bad start in getting them filled. grrr.....i'm so sick of cold and flu season. really really sick of it!
zander is also still sick and feeling not so great. he's coughing a lot and his nose is a leaky faucet. but on a positive note, HE'S POTTY TRAINED!!!!!!!!!!! no more pooping in his pants, paying diapers, or any of that none fun stuff. i'm so proud of him! woo hooo!
also, there were some firing of two people at ben's work. and one is quitting soooo....hopefully he'll get into a design position soon! keep praying for him!
also, we're on the dave ramsey financial freedom road. we're using the envelope system and trying to get our emergency fund savings. so hopefully we'll have a personal make over with our buying habits.
ok that's all for now!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Easter Photo Shoot

I decided to do my own Easter Photo Shoot of the boys. I used the bunny costume from when zander was a little over a year. weirdly enough, both boys fit in the outfits! ok so zander didn't fit in the arms and legs entirely...but you'll see. also there is only one pic of zander cause he didn't want to pose.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Potty Training and Bass Guitars

Well i know everyone is just dying to know how potty training is going with zander! :) so far he seems to be completely done! just over night he started pooping in the potty and has done it for four + days. he also wakes up dry from naps and nights. at night he wakes up in the middle of the night if he has to go pee and tells us. sooo...all is good with that.
on another front, let's talk ben's job. he is in the process of moving to a designer position at his work, but currently they're rearranging shop. so right now he's out of his cubicle on the floor and has a JACKED up schedule. so he's had to miss small group, work on sundays (after church thank goodness), and go straight to class after work. so some days we don't see him much. :( but today he didn't go to work till 11:00 so we had a great morning together. we went bike riding and played outside together. the boys loved it.
speaking of the amazingly cute moment today was while we were playing outside. zander was in the sand box and we put ronan in there with him and they were so cute together! ronan wanted to eat most of the sand. but then he started flipping it through his fingers and playing with zander. it was definitely a moment i soaked up and cherished in my heart. LOVE MY BOYS!
Now on to bass guitars. I have once again returned to playing the bass. Ben asked me if wanted to play again cause they only have one guy who plays and he was going to be out of town. so on sunday we played together for worship and it was just a fun moment. the night before we practiced together and it was also good bonding time. i think i'm going to love playing with him again, even if it's only once in a while. i love my husband and i am proud to get to serve with him!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The hair

ok here's pictures of the hair. they're not great, but it's hard to do myself! :)
Zander and his little girlfriend ashlynn. they are so cute together and get a long great!
Ronan clapping for himself!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Monday Morning Moms

Today was a good day cause my mother was the speaker at our mom's group! she spoke on "are you hungry?" about being hungry for God's word. she did such a good job and i'm so proud of her! i've rarely gotten to hear her speak so it was truly a wonderful morning.
also, i keep forgetting to say that ronan started clapping a couple of weeks ago! it's so cute! He is SOOO proud of himself when he does it. it's adorable. zander didn't learn to clap until he was 11 months!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Update on Ronan

I keep forgetting to write about all that has been going on with Ronan lately! he's changing so much lately! the 20th of february he popped his first bottom tooth and then a day later popped the other bottom front tooth. he's incredibly drooly still so i think another one is coming soon. i have a doctor's appointment tomorrow to check that his ear infections are gone.
also, today ben went to get him from his nap and the little booger was standing in his crib as proud as can be!!! soooo.....we had to lower the crib tonight. he's pulling himself up on everything! i'm so not ready for this!
saturday ben brought zander up for a haircut at the salon. the girls fell in love with him! he got an adorable haircut and i also got my hair done. umm....i'm kind of punk looking! but i like it and try not to care if others don't like it.
lastly, pray for my father who leaves for israel on tuesday morning! he's leading a group from the seminary and my mom isn't going with him! so he needs extra prayer! :) he'll be gone for ten days.
that's all for now!