Friday, November 19, 2010

Christmas Cards and Ideas

Its that time of year! while i'm busy snapping people's pictures for christmas cards, i have done a little research on cute, affordable, and high quality christmas cards and photo gifts. I'm really happy with SHUTTERFLY's brand new holiday line. Its one stop shopping for all the stuff i need for photo gifts. and let's face it, photo gifts will always be great gifts! i haven't taken our family picture yet, but i'm already planning it around which card i like the best. i really like this one but then again, there are so many to chose from. head over to their site to see which one might fit your needs for christmas! and oma and opa, or any of my other distant relatives, if you see some other gift you might be interested it, please let me know! :) I love getting everyone’s Christmas cards every year in the mail! I love seeing how each child has grown or where the creativity behind where each family has taken their picture. So make sure you update us with our new address! We’d hate to miss seeing your smiling faces!


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Sunday, November 7, 2010


we have a new dog...who knew. her name is mollie and i love her. occassionaly i have a panic attack thinking about the fact that we now have a dog. but mollie is a great easy going dog. she has never barked yet, she loves to lay on you, she's great with kids, and she's housebroken! its the best of all worlds. we prayed hard that we would be able to find a dog that was perfect for our family. ronan has begged for a dog for forever and we thought it might help his adjustment. today she took a nap on his bed and that just made his whole day. she was from a military family that was recently transfered overseas. so they couldn't take her with them and she is only 8 months old. we found her on craigslist after days and hours of looking at the pounds, humane society, pet stores, etc. but i kept praying and as soon as we saw molly we knew. she's perfect. and she's very little work! (my kind of dog!) i am normally not a dog fact i pretty much find them to be too much effort. but molly is different. she stole my heart immediately and she never leaves my side. ben is shocked at how lovey i am with her. she's an english setter mixed with something else. but she's a medium sized dog with a gorgeous coat. i'll try to post a picture soon.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

We are HOME!

it has been a long road. i'll save you the details and disasters...but we are going to get there eventually. i love our neighborhood and i love our neighbors. the kids love living in a cul d'sac and riding their bikes around. i will get pictures up soon i promise. i just don't want to post them till i get things a little more unpacked.
halloween was wonderful and we had a great time wandering around our new neighborhood. zander was a dragon, ronan a knight, and jade a princess. then ben and i were a queen and he was the castle. zander came up with him being a castle and i loved it. and since we had so many extra boxes it came together nicely. we trick or treated with my parents and the kids loved having their geegee and papaw around.
the night before halloween we had a halloween party with our small group plus some. the kids LOVED it but it was a little exhausting for the parents. there were a LOT of kids! we were going to have the party at our new house but our wonderful dear friends offered their house. i am SO glad they did cause it was just stressful trying to get the house ready for people to come. and not to mention ben was gone thursday thru saturday before the party. so all in all, a great wonderful halloween. here's some pics