Thursday, March 31, 2011

potty training x2!

why is it that Ronan and jade are going to end up being potty trained at the same time?! that's wrong...just wrong. Ronan is still peeing on himself freely and lately even pooping. And jade is obsessed with the toliet and wants to sit on her little potty around the clock. i literally have to take the toliet paper out of the bathroom to make her stop and leave. she's crazy, but so much easier than that boys. however she does think that going to the bathroom is 'pooping' regardless of what is actually coming out of her.
on a fun note, i have to give a shot out to my favorite new products. Suave Dry Shampoo - AMAZING and cheap! for my crazy oil freakiness i love this. Philadelphia Cream Cheese Cooking sauces! - Just add veggies and meat and its soooo good. put it over rice or noodles...oh my good. and of course, the movie TANGLED! oh my word my kids want to watch it around the clock. such a cute movie with classicaly good disney music!
And lastly, i'm the proud foster mom to two baby chicks. they are adorable. I am doing a photoshoot on April 2 and 9th and we are going to have baby chicks and a little bunny. Fun easter mini-shoots. If you're around come check it out! $39 and you get a free 8x10 with that! i can't wait! i'm teaming up with so you'll have two photographers with different artistic expressions. anyways, the kids are obsessed with the chicks and ronan literally cries and cries when i tell him its time to put them down. poor thing. their names are Fuzzy and Wuzzy. :) anyone want them when we're done?! :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

All in the Details

This is a picture taken this March for Jade's 2nd bday. Its the beautiful details in this picture that makes it one of my favorites. I love the tree branches and the back lighting. I'm entering it in a little contest from

Thursday, March 3, 2011

oh ronan...

well he did it again. he cut his flippin' hair. this time he stole scissors and hid under his bed and chopped the heck out of his hair. i mean chopped....chopped...i quickly made an appointment to get his hair fixed but not till friday night. while i was getting the kids ready for bed, ben decided to take things into his own hands and gave ronan a mohawk. i have to say i kind of like it. ugh...which doesn't help the whole "STOP CUTTING YOUR HAIR!" scenario. when he was 6 months old he had a mohawk too and he was such a cutie baby with it. and again now...he just looks cute. he's got the personality for it i guess. but i swear if he cuts his stinkin' hair again i'm going to lose my mind!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Jade and Allergies

today we took jade for her allergy testing finally. and of course, she tested negative to everything. EVERYTHING. on a good note, we get to keep mollie. on a bad note, we still have no idea why she has random bouts of eczema. so i guess its back to the drawing board. but at least we've ruled some things out which is always good. but man, she is a spit fire! she power napped on the way home from the doctor for 15 minutes and then refused to go to sleep when it was nap time. she laid in there for two hours!!!!!! she took her hair out, took her shirt off, threw her paci, and just annoyed me. i am so tired! so all day she slept no more than 15 minutes. we then had to go get the car, go pick up pictures, get food for small group tomorrow and then finish a week of homework we forgot to do! and by we, i mean zander.
and then there are the disturbing things i witnessed today! first off, we can all be surprised that it was from ronan. i saw him blow snot out his nose and then lean over to let mollie lick it off. i seriously almost threw up everything i'd eaten today! then later in the day ronan blew his nose on jade's shirt!!!!! what the heck?! i'm raising a small animal i think. he's crazy. and then he just looks at me and laughs like he did the coolest thing. gross gross gross!
the above pics i took of the boys just in case you didn't see them on facebook.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

where has time gone?

oh has been way too long. i have started blogging in my head throughout the day and i have discovered that it fulfills my need to talk to the computer. so by the end of the day, i feel like i've written a book! yes i'm sure there's something not normal about that...but its ok. that's me! :) i just endured the worst weekend ever...i was supposed to go to my first women's retreat with my girlfriends but instead i got the flu. the absolute, most standard, the flu shot would have saved me, friend drove me to the doctor just to make sure and they swabbed my nose...surprise surprise....influenza. and for the next four days i did not MOVE from my bed. awful! i don't think i've ever really had the flu. and then the tamiflu made me throw up all night! oh that was joyous...
so enough about me. the kids are doing well. they also are on antibiotics from the wretched cold that won't leave....but other than that fine. :) they are my constant subjects for photography and i have to say that they are stunning to photograph. i truly love being their mom and i love watching the age they are all at. jade is almost two and that blows my mind. she loves to dance, sing, crack us all up. ronan is settling down and mollie (the dog) seems to really be helping him. he loves to cuddle with her and run her around the back yard. she is so patient with him (bordering on absolute stupidity) and loves him back. zander is growing up a mile a day. i swear he's the size of the 10 year old across the street. he's an awesome little boy and learning more and more every day. still all i hear is that he wants to be a scientist when he grows up.
any suggestions for jade's bday? themes? what do you do for little girls?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

A coming of age...

Jade is now officially one of our kids. She has joined her brothers in the ranks of the ER and has broken her arm. today at mcdonalds she got pushed out of the entrance by her brother. now mind you, she was blocking the entrance and wouldn't move, so she want innocent. but she fell and caught herself with her left arm and got a buckle fracture by her wrist. she was a trooper but cried and cried and i knew something was not right. so off we went and they gave her a temporary splint and will have to get it casted on monday or tuesday when the swelling has gone down. my poor little girl! sleeping is NOT fun for her cause she's a stomach sleeper and a pretty active roller when sleeping (much like her dad). she keeps waking up and i know its going to be a long night...pray for my baby!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Zander's Hip Hop

At our church we had our christmas concert this last sunday. Zander did a little hip hop thing with the kids. it was cute! hope you enjoy!