Thursday, February 26, 2009

Palm Springs

On monday we took off and went to Palm Springs for a mini vacation. it was so nice to get away and just relax as a family. and since ben didn't have to take work off it worked out just perfectly. we spent two days at the pool and playing in the room. the boys LOVE the water and the kiddie slide. ronan has absolutely no fear of water (not always good) and zander is getting better with his water wings but still hates his face in the water. here's some pics of our time and if you want to see more check out my facebook page.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

the before pics

here is how the nursery looked before. just for an fyi.

Jade's Room

so here is an update on the nursery. it's still got a few things it needs done but ben wanted to show people at work all he has done. so here is the curtain been sewed and the wall he painted.

the crib he painted black and the bumper he sewed too. it doesn't have the black sheet on yet that he also made, so ignore the yellow. the lamp in the corner he painted too and changed the shade.
the other wall. the picture is one from when i was a little girl in the philippines. so it's sentimental but not the greatest match.

the changing table he also painted.
the chair he reupholstered and painted. the pillow he made also.

the wall stickers he designed from ikea.

Monday, February 16, 2009


i'm so over being pregnant. my ribs are breaking in two... my rib hurt with zander but nothing like this. it's not like i feel one kick here or there, i feel her every movement because she is too big for my womb. i think she wiggles her toes and i feel it. my next appointment is thursday so we'll see what's up. i'm sure nothing is going on. just lots of pain!
on more not fun news, ben's last day of work is friday. blah. but hey, maybe i'll get lots of rest and pampering before the baby comes! i can hope right? now if i could just get him to clean my house...:) hahaha

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Some pics

35 1/2 weeks preggo!

I'm so cute! say "cheese!"

First day of preschool with darth vader backpack

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


why is bliss always followed by poop? :) ben got sick sunday night at around 3 am and threw up all threw the next day. and was just sick and weak on tuesday. i was exhausted just from not sleeping with him being up all the time! and it's been the busiest week ever! monday zander started preschool at miss casey chans' preschool extrodanaire! casey is in our small group and is a great teacher who has been working in this area for years. she decided to start a home preschool to start teaching our little kids for FREE! she's slightly insane i'm sure but she's amazing at it. her house as been trasnformed with cubbies for the kids, calendars, art stations, etc. zander absolutely loved it! he's learning and loving it! and he wore his darth vader backpack and thought he was the coolest! soooo cute! so monday he started preschool and then i had to pick him up early for his first speech therapy evaluation. he's going to have to go for a little while because of his issue with making "c"'s into "t's" and "g's" into "d's". but it's nothing major and she said he has a vast knowledge of words and comprehension. so it's once a week for a little while. then we had another dr. apt. at 1 that day. man i was pooped by the end of the day. oh and then i decided jade's clothes had to be washed and put away that night. so her room is organized and almost ready. tuesday more preschool and small group, wednesday was bible study and ronan's tube dr. apointment, tomorrow is mother's haven and friday is crash and die day. :) no wait, friday is my mom's day. is it the weekend yet? :)
i'm going to go eat some ice cream!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


i am now home from a wonderful overnight with my hubby. it was FABULOUS! we went downtown and stayed and it was just a wonderful time. we explored the gaslamp district and saw movies, ate great food, and just relaxed. to some it may have been boring, but it was just what the dr. ordered for ben and i. we were wore out. we slept in till 10 (well i woke up at 9 with my ribs, hips, and stomach aching...) and just toke our time getting ready. it was nice. but man i was missing my boys! i missed their morning run in to our room and the bobbing let heads as they say "hi mama!" the boys were happy to see us when we got home but as soon as my mom left all i heard was "i miss geegee!" so it was a good time by all. i'm sure my mother is exhausted but she was a trooper and did a great job with them. for that i'm forever grateful!
also on a side note jade's csection is scheduled for march 13, that is friday the 13th!!!!! apparently there were tons of times available on that date. my dr. is gone mar 9-11 and then doesn't work on thursdays so friday it is. i have yet to get to talk to my dr. and find out why they didn't go with mar. 6 (probably waited to long to schedule and fridays are popular) and for those who asked, they are not worried about me having a big baby because i have a csection, it's just that there is a big chance of me going into labor on my own earlier and that just makes csections a little more complicated and rushed. and also the chance of an emergency csection if i don't get there in time. sooo.....there you have it. :)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

update on big Bertha! aka baby jade

well i finally had my doctor appointment to tell me about my crazy ultrasound. aparently my ultrasound on january 29 showed that jade is measuring over the 90% percentile and already weighed 6.5 lbs! (mind you that was over a week ago!!!) i'm measuring three weeks ahead at 37 weeks! but my cervix is still long so there doesn't seem to be any sign of preterm labor. soo...they are discussing what the heck my due date is (i was showing feb 22 instead of mar 17) and will call me either tomorrow (fri) or next week with a csection date. sooo...i've still got nothing to go on. but i'm still freaked that she might come earlier. i'm supposed to take it easy but you know that won't happen. i'm a big girl so i know i could carry this heifer straight up to term and just have an 11 lb baby. but all is good cause jade is healthy so that makes me feel better.
the exciting news is that tomorrow is ben's 30th bday!!!!! he's an old man. but the cool thing is that for the first time in four years ben and i are going away overnight ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!! for his bday i arranged to have my mother watch the boys and then ben and i are going downtown to stay in a fabulous hotel (thank you bad economy for the great hotel price!) and just reconnect! i'm soooooooooo excited! my hubby has been working hard and we've had lots of stress so no one deserves it more than ben! (and hey i'm lucking out too)
so happy birthday sweet husband, i'm so blessed to be your wife!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Feeling better!

i am finally feeling better and haven't thrown up anymore! woo hoo! i went to the zoo with my friend today and now my hips are falling apart, but nothing serious. the boys loved getting out and the really warm weather helped them to take LONG naps! it was fabulous! tonight when ben got home the boys were ready to run! i absolutely love watching ben play with the boys. he throws them around, chases them, wrestles with them, and they just squeal with delight. he tied a blanket around ronan for a super hero cape and ronan thought that was the best thing ever. he ran laps around the dining room table screaming. it was so cute. and zander started bawling when ben left for worship practice. that makes my heart full because i know my boys have a wonderful, hands on father. how truly blessed i am!

Monday, February 2, 2009

days you'd rather forget

saturday was one of those days that now i can look back and laugh at, but at the time, it was not one of my favorite. saturday morning i spent baking before ben went to work in preparation for my dear friend's baby shower our small group girls would be throwing later that afternoon. so after that, ben went to work, and i loaded the boys up and headed to party city to pick up the balloons. party city was supposed to be a run in, run out, kind of thing since everything was bought and ready prior. so in with two boys, out with two. i opened the side of the van and set ronan in it along with my keys, shut the door, and went to the back of the van and opened it to shove the balloons in. back to the side to open it up and put ronan in his car seat. BUT.....ronan had crawled up to the front seat and as i neared the door i heard the familiar click of the doors locking. so zander and i are outside of the van, and ronan, my keys, purse, cell phone, and everything else are locked inside the van, in the sun, in 80 degree heat. the panic is started to seize me now as i begin bawling (mind you i'm STARVING at this time, never good for a preggo), banging on the window, bribing ronan and everything i can to get him to press the button again. he however is laughing, playing peek-a-boo, and dancing around the van. after about ten minutes of this, a man finally calls AAA for me and they send an emergency crew out. a grand total of 25 minutes! ronan was fine, i was in hysterics. now it is 12:45 and i haven't eaten and was supposed to be at church setting up by 1. so we raced through taco bell and headed to church. while we were setting up (and me with the two boys since i had no hubby at home to watch them) ronan had one of his blow outs of poop (from being on antibiotics for four weeks), so i had to strip him down to his diaper. i was just about done at that point. by then it was close to 2 (the shower start time) so i raced home, put the boys to bed, changed clothes, and my parents were there to watch the house while i was gone at the shower. the shower was great, one of the few good things of the day. afterwards we tore down and i finally headed home. the boys were up by the time i got home so back to work right? my parents left and when they did, zander started throwing up blueberries! mom had said she fed him some, i quickly looked in the fridge and yes, they had mold on them. at this point i could barely walk and my feet were the size of watermelons! even my kneecaps hurt! three vomits later i finally called ben and said he needed to come home cause i couldn't walk, move, or breathe for that matter. so ben came to the rescue. good ben!
sunday was fine, today i woke up and threw up. and let me tell you, when a pregnant woman throws up, every heave sends a wave of pee out of her body. yup, tmi! there you have it. now i'm laying in bed dying. i have no idea what i'll do tomorrow when ben is not home. blah.