Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ronan is sick again

Ronan got his two front teeth on monday so of course he got sick....he's been on antibiotics for seven days for his ear infection, but today he spiked a fever of 103! off to urgent care i went to find out that the poor boy has a bright red infected throat. :( my poor sweet pea....
ok funny zander story...we were driving home from the store and he asked for his cup and said that he was thirsty. so a few seconds later he gives me his cup back and says "baby boy's turn!" so i start to hand the cup back to ronan when zander said "no, i do it!" so i gave the cup to zander and he started sucking away! the little devil! he totally played me to get ronan's cup! he's too smart for his own good!
pray ronan's sickness doesn't wipe out the whole family!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Picture update

here are ronan's 9 month pics

So I took some pics today of Ronan to do my picture collage like i did for zander. so here's some of those pics. also, i took ronan to the doctor for his nine month appointment (although he's almost ten months) and he weighed 21.7 lbs, and was 31 inches tall! i cannot get over how tall he is for a 10 month old! i checked zander's baby book and at 12 months he was 19 lbs and 29 1/2 inches long. crazy...they are so different! also they said ronan had another ear infection (his third in three months) and they also said he had a heart murmur. my doctor said not to worry about it, but....my brother and my dad both have heart problems that cause misfiring of something or other and irregular heart beats. anyways, chris my brother had to have surgery on it and was on heart meds for a long time....so this worries me. so they'll be keeping an eye on it to make sure it's nothing serious.

anyways, here's some pics i took today....

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ronan the dog

not only does he play in toliets, he eats dog food. gotta love friends with dogs.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

I'm back...

ok so i had a little bit of a break cause i feel overwhelmed with life lately. i don't know why, probably with the buttload of work going on in our living room. i'm so over having my living room in havoc! we laid our hard wood floors over four days (in two sepearte weeks) and we painted the walls the same way (but we're not done yet). so everything is dirty, crazy and disorganized! grrrr...and i'm still battling this extreme fatigue. no mater how much sleep i get at night i still have to sleep for hours in the afternoon. it's frustrating cause i can't get anything done because my body literally shuts down at one and i HAVE to sleep! i hate it.....hate hate hate it. i personally still think it's my thyroid and i need to go to a specialist. (i had it checked but they said it was normal, but....i'm 6'0" and my normal is not everyone else's normal) anyways, that's my vent for today.
oh wait, i have more. i know i want to be a cosmetologist, BUT....i swear a criteria for being a hair dresser is to be deaf and dumb. i took zander to get his hair TRIMMED up around his ears and neck. CAUSE I LOVE HIS CURLS!!!!!!!!!!! i even said i just want a "minimal trim" MINIMAL! hello?! poophead. so needless to say, zander ended up with a ridiculously short hair cut again. stupid hairdresser. i guess that's what you get for using a coupon on a hair cut! hahaha...(yeah i'm that cheap)
now i'm going to cheer cvs! LOVE CVS! last week i got 8 packs of diapers for $3 out of pocket. hahaha....love it. and the week before that i got three packs for $1.50. can i get a "woot woot!"
today i did two cvs runs and i got: 4 - Herbal essence shampoos and conditioners, 2 18ct. Alavert, 1 men's 24/7 deoderant, and 2 skin effects face washes all for less than $5 out of pocket. it should have been closer to $3 oop (out of pocket) but i screwed something up on one of my coupons. anyways, let's do the happy dance!
well it's time for me to bring you into my life of coupons....my small group got to see the 'folder' for the first time ever....they laughed. i have a 3 ring binder with baseball card holders in it and they are completely filled with coupons all arranged by catagories. my grocery bill for the month has been cut by over $100 by doing my excessive couponing. i always have $35-$40 worth of coupons each time i shop. then combine that with in store ads (usually around $65 worth of savings) and i usually end up with close to $100 off. :) happy dance again! hahaha....so for a family of four, including all baby food and diapers, is approximately $50 a week. pretty good right? :) and that's tolietries and household products (cleaning, etc) too! i know, i'm the bomb. and for you who don't live in cali, i'm sorry...they double coupons here and it's FABULOUS!
alright, enough about me.
ronan is getting three front teeth at once...blah. zander keeps saying funny things that makes me laugh. i was getting ready for church and i hear from the living room "HHHEEELLLLOOOOO!!!! HEEELLLLLOOOOO!!!!!! BBBBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGER!!!!!!!!!" yes, my boy had a booger on his finger and expected me to come running to remove it. love him.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Updates from me

it's been a long time since i've been able to write. we've just had lots going on and things. zander's doing well and has a slight cold which i'm currently coming down with. he's a funny little thing and keeps me laughing. he started watching 101 dalmations and got completely freaked out and asked me to turn it off. poor little sweet heart.
ronan has turned into a little boy over night. suddenly he's flying all over the floor with his walker. he's getting really good at it. tonight he got to stay with the older kids while we had small group and he did great. he's so cute! and i got him a few pair of jeans at the second time around store and today he had already outgrown them! i just got them last week! (12 mo ones!) maybe they were just small or something. the overalls only went to his knees!
things with ben are still going well. we're still waiting to hear back from the cabinet company. keeping our fingers crossed!
hope all is well in the lives of everyone else! also, we'll be in mi from may 6-13!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

seriously my life is just weird...

today we went to see ben at work for dinner before his class. after eating i went to put the boys in the car. ronan was in the stroller with only one snap done. i put zander in the car and turned around to get ronan out of the stroller. but apparently i had not completely snapped the stroller and he had slid out and was crawling across the parking lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my heart skipped fourteen beats! all i could imagine was a car running him over! it was horrible. i get mom of the year award for that one!
but here's some positive notes....a headhunter called ben today with a job placement for him. the guy found him on monster.com and thinks he has a great job for ben at a cabinet place. it's a base salary + commission. WOO HOO! and then a few moments later the sheriff's department called and said that a bunch of ben's info had come in and things were still looking good! praise God for such an affirming day!
onto my cvs joys of the week! i got three 40 ct. huggies diaper packs at cvs for 2.50 each. yup, i'm the bomb. and i got a kids table and two stools (you can write with chalk on the table) for 7.49. regulary 29.99. yup, i'm the bomb again. I LOVE ME SOME CVS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1