Thursday, November 29, 2007

Fabulous Break

Today was a crazy day but so fabulous. We went to the park in the morning with our play group which totally wore zander down. then we came home, had lunch, and then nap time. Then the fabulous part...a lady from our church volunteered to come over and sit with the boys while they napped so i could go out. i had no idea what to do with my time so i went to barnes-n-nobles and got a peppermint white chocolate mocha (SO FABULOUS!) and then sat and read stupid tabloid magazines. it was so nice to just sit and be. thank you lisa for the wonderful break! I have a funny video that you might enjoy too. ronan is HILARIOUS in his jump-a-roo. he absolutely goes crazy. hope you enjoy it!

Zander also cracked me up yesterday too. we were driving in the car and i turned the radio up really loud and started singing. zander grabbed his ears, not covered them, just grabbed them, and screamed "FWEAK (freak) OUT MAMA! FWEAK OUT! turn it down!!!!" hahah...silly boy. he's so stinkin' cute. Also, everywhere we go zander gets so excited about christmas. today in target he started clapping his hands and yelling "christmas store, christmas store!" seriously, did i mention how cute he is? ok, one more funny story. when we were taking a walk, zander said he wanted snow cause it's christmas time. i tried to explain that there's no snow here in s.d. but he couldn't understand that. he said "no! snow clouds right there!" i told him there was snow where oma and opa lived and he said "ok, go see oma/opa, see snow now". :) sweet boy, someday i'm going to show him snow. ok, signing off for now.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Christmas Fairies

We told Zander the christmas fairies were going to decorate his house for christmas but well, he saw past that and told everyone we did it. but he LOVES his house and is pretty sure he's the only one with a Christmas house/tree. he's so funny. sometimes he doesn't want to turn the christmas tree on because he doesn't want people to see it. i think he thinks someone is going to come take it away. anyways, here's some pics of the boys with their tree.

Ronan's dedication

Today was Ronan's dedication at our new church plant: Legacy Church. He was such an adorable little man with his matching tie, hate and shorts. Seriously, you would have eaten him up! But being the special one that I am, I didn't get a good picture of him, and we forgot to get a family picture afterwards. Another lady was taking pictures so hopefully she got some up close ones. THanks Gina for taking the below pics! Zander was a little cutie too in his tie that he said was "a daddy outfit"! My dad preached at our church today on the body of Christ and it was a fabulous sermon! He seriously did better than I've heard him in a long time. He's so passionate about this topic! And it was a perfect sermon for the dedication. It really does take a church to raise a child, and I'm so glad that we have such a wonderful church to raise our children in. The dedication was really a charge to us, the parents, to be the Godly examples to our son, and to raise him the best we know how in the knowledge of God. And then also to the church to come along side us and help to also be a Godly example and teacher to our son. All in all, good day!

Thursday, November 22, 2007


We had another great family day today. It's always so nice to have Ben home with us. We've started a family tradition of going to the park in the morning. This year we went to Big Rock Park in Santee. We got a ton of cute pictures of the boys. ok, well ronan cause zander wouldn't cooperate.

Then we came home and ate lunch, took baths, and put the boys to bed for naps. I went to cooking the mashed potatoes, stuffing, greenbean casserole and rice crispie treats. after teh boys woke up we went to my parents for thansgiving dinner. man there was too much food! We ate like little crazy people. Zander was more interested in playing then eating. he did like the turkey though. I really missed the rest of the family though. it was nice to hear from tim, jill and from the newly potty trained preston.

right now ben and i are finally relaxing and watching the movie "Hairspray" <--very good, and getting ready for the early morning and day full of shopping. i have my lists, coupons, and mapped out driving route. pray for me and dragging around the two boys! blah!!!


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Lost Love

ok, a little melodramatic...but still. my husband lost his wedding band last night. it was the one i got him last year for vday that was engraved. the first one he had was really faded and banged up due to it being pretty cheap. i didn't think it would bother me so much but i was so bummed! oh well, love is not found in a ring. oh and ronan is almost army crawling! he'll be 22 weeks on friday.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Blah Blah Rant

Today is just one of those blah days. I woke up sick with some flu like/vomitting thing. go figure. i felt like i was wearing a wet blanket all day. but ben stayed home with me which ment that i got lots and lots of sleep! woo hoo! so i laid in bed thinking of all the things we need to fix right now...why is it always at the holiday times? i probably started thinking about all of this because i could hear the water dripping in the other bathroom...yeah, it won't stop. our shower currently is clogged up thanks to my post partum falling out we're waiting to get that fixed too. 4 bottles of drano later, apparently we're going to need to call a real plumber. i'm also currently driving around a 1984 grand marquis....same as my old one, just ten years older. why? because my car feels the need to be ridiculously unsafe and we can't afford to take it to the shop just yet. thankfully my dad bought the '84 on a whim in case my car ever died. smart man! our computer is also on the capooey with the motherboard/usb port or whatever. not totally sure what's wrong, i just know i can't print anything. seriously, is it tax return time yet? ok, serious whining done.
on a positive note, i have the cutest boys in the world who keep me laughing. zander's oma and opa sent him some crafts to do and we worked on them tonight while ben was at class. (luckily i was able to not throw up on him!) it was a cute snowman and jonah thing.
only three more days till thanksgiving! wooo hooo!!!

Saturday, November 17, 2007


HE DID IT!!!!!!!! Ben passed the obstacle course thingy for the police!!! woooo hoooo!!!! i'm so proud of him!!!!! now we wait about a month for the background check.....

Friday, November 16, 2007

Attack of the killer birds

has anyone seen 'evan almighty'? i swear we had attack of the birds today just like the movie. my poor mother wanted to take zander to feed the ducks at chollas park today. sounded like a good idea in theory....but then there were swarms of ducks and geese who probably hadn't eaten in years. let me give you a visual! and yes, my mom and zander are running!

You don't see zander in the above picture cause he's hiding between her legs! :)

All in all, good day. Zander loves his geegee and loves spending the day with her. i'm so greatful she's in my boys' lives. I don't know what I'd do without her!

My secret weapon

My dearset zander is set and ready to join with me in the force against surprises at christmas! yesterday, ben and the boys went shopping for me for one of my christmas presents. this morning, the first thing out of my precious son's mouth was "present for you mama!" and of course i followed that up with, 'what is it baby'? and he told me! what a fabulous child! of course ben got mad, and gave me the present anyways! (yeah!!! high school musical 2 soundtrack. yes i'm a dork!)
also, for those of you who don't know, ben we are involved with a church plant called Legacy Church. Ben is leading the worship and i'm doing the nursery-2 yrs. it's been a huge challenge but very rewarding. this week i'm trying to figure out a craft to do for the kids for thanksgiving. that's right, i said craft. hold the shock and awe! (mum i need your help on this one! :) ) anyways, we're also getting ready for Ronan's dedication on the 25th of Nov. i forgot that when you're in charge of the youngin's the dedication also falls into your category of job responsibility. soo...i'm trying to get a mat that goes in a frame (because i can't think of what this is called) and i'm going to put "it takes a church, to raise a child..." on it and have the church members sign it. cool huh?
ben is trying to become a cop too....long story. but his physical test is tomorrow morning at six am! please pray that he can complete the 500 yard obstacle course in 3 1/2 minutes! i'll let you know what happens!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I'm tired

It's 11:30 pm and I've decided to start this blog. great timing. i felt like i was the only mom in the world who wasn't keeping a blog. so here i go. it's ridiculously hot out right now for november and weirdly enough i'm loving it! so welcome to my world of off the wall thoughts and braggins about my chillin's (children).

we dressed the kids up last night in funny costumes such as santa clause and sailor boys. zander's santa costume is from when he was 11 mo. old! :)