Sunday, February 24, 2008


forgot to add, zander just pooped in the tub for the first time....luckily i was at work! poor benny!

I got a JOB!!!!!!!!!

well hallelujah i got a job!!!! my mom went to get her hair done on friday at studio 69 (which occassionally i get my hair done at) and i casually said to ask the owner (who does her hair) if he was hiring for weekends only. she came home and said that he wanted me to start that saturday! so yesterday i went in from 9-1 and had a blast! i answered phones, swept, did towel laundry, brought clients drinks, etc. it was just a great environment! and to be honest i was totally stoked about working in a non-christian atmosphere. i'm always jealous that ben has such a witnessing field to the collegues he works with and i feel like i'm stuck in the christian bubble. so i will be working every other saturday with potential to go every saturday from 9-1. it's great hours and hopefully i'll get some discounts! :) also, it still totally fuels my desire to go to cosmetology school!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Time with Old Friends

There is nothing better than spending time with old friends. Some friends from Michigan were here (Scott and Sara McCloughan) for a Youth for Christ Conference. We got to have dinner with them and just catch up. They are a couple that we truly love and get along with great. Both Ben and I love their company! It's times like this that I really miss our old friends back in Kzoo/Delton. We had some great relationships there. I'm just glad we live in San Diego and not some remote city in alaska....cause at least people visit us out here! Now if we could only get Jay and Cheryl to come visit....:)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

WOO HOO for my DAD!!!

We found out yesterday that my dear dad, John Lillis, has been named ALUMNUS OF THE YEAR at Grand Rapids Baptist Seminary!!!!! I'm so proud of him I can barely express it! He truly deserves this award! The festivites are in May, and we are praying very hard about trying to get back to Michigan to be a part of it. Not sure how, but I know God will provide if we are meant to be there. Hopefully we can turn it in to a vacation as Ben has not been home to see his family for over a year. He hasn't even met his brother's son! :( So pray we can make it happen! and join me in celebrating my dad's award!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sicky Ronan

yesterday ronan woke up in a fit of screams. so NOT typical for him! he wouldn't calm down and was just miserable! so last night i took him into the doctor and they told me he had double ear infections. so antibiotics it is. and oh the side effects of diarrhea i'm so excited for! he's doing a little better today but his attitude is just off for him. zander is doing better but still has a runny nose. i so don't understand why that's not getting better. anyways, pray for my little sicky! :(

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The long awaited mohawk.

i finally got some pics of ronan's mohawk for you! i can't remember if i posted the story or not, but ben gave ronan a hair cut but realized the wrap around had taken a life of its own. ronan only had hair growing out of the center of his head! so when ben cut it, by default it became a mohawk. but it's really cute.

today was a long's been 75+ out so we spent the whole day outside playing. zander and ronan both got filthy but loved every minute of it. i love watching them play together and just how stinkin' sweet they are together. zander is still sick even though he's completed his round of antibiotics. the cough is still pretty bad and his nose is still running like a faucet, although a little less green. so i'm guessing another trip to the doctor is in order. ronan also had a melt down today while i was getting his food ready. apparently i waited too long for him eat so he was starving! no body believes me that this kid can wail, so i took a picture. i had fed him a whole thing of carrots and was racing to get some applesauce when this pic was taken.

let's see...what else. oh, i love my small group. i really do love that group immensely. i feel that God has brought us together and forged some amazing friendships. i feel refreshed and uplifted every time we meet! i never thought i could find friends like that!

so here's some pictures of this morning playing outside, and ronan's mohawk.

Yes, He cries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

It's sick season

there are nights where you just want to sit on the floor and cry. well tonight was definitely one of those nights. zander has had a cold for four weeks now and it went into a secondary infection. so i took him in to the doctor tonight at 5 pm cause that was the only available appointment. yeah for cold and flu season. after the appointment and the confirmation of a sinus infection, we headed to the pharmacy for the perscription. after waiting 1/2 hour (with the two boys cause ben was in class till 9:30 pm) the pharmacy finally says that it still hasn't been called in yet. so i waited another fifteen more minutes and then decided to head home. none of us had eaten (except ronan who had a bottle earlier thank goodness) and zander and i both were getting crazy. so i headed to the car only to see my keys on the front seat. SERIOUSLY?! and of course it's the car with no back up set. so back inside i went and called my dad bawling. he said, call AAA. duh....forgot i had that service! so i called them and they said the tow guy would be there anywhere from 5-45 minutes. so i cried even harder. i wanted to go home! finally my dad called back and said he was on his way to meet us. praise God the tow guy got there in ten minutes, got me into my car and i was off. ALL THE WHILE ZANDER"S PERSCRIPTION HAD STILL NOT BEEN CALLED IN! i got home, got ronan fed and to bed, got zander fed, and then my blessed parents brought me food over. and then the best sight of all was my husband walking through the door early. everything's always ok when ben's home.
so i called the ped's office, was put on hold for 15 minutes, and finally got the perscription called in. ben then took the insurance card and left for the pharmacy. 1/2 way there i realized i gave him ronan's card not zanders. sooo....he had to come back and get the right card and then go back. poor man.
our lives are out of a movie i swear.