Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving and Christmas

How are the holidays already here?! it's insane to me how quickly my life is flying by since adding children! thanksgiving was rather uneventful except that it rained and rained keeping us from going to our usual park day. that made for some very stir crazy little boys and a very stir crazy little husband. we rented wall-e and kung fu panda but eventually the boys were at each other. finally that evening we went to my parents for dinner which was truly yummy. mom does the turkey and her low carb side dishes for her and dad, and i do the side dishes for my fam. it was so funny to watch ronan eat his first thanksgiving dinner. last year he was too young. this year he devoured it and loved the stuffing and mashed potatoes. he's such a food lover. zander well, he still picks and choses. but he does love his pumpkin pie.
the day after thanksgiving ben finally had it off! it was the first time since we've been together that he's had it off. it was very nice! we went to walmart and target and then a second walmart. finally we went to veijas (outlet shopping center). the boys were really good but definitely done with shopping by the afternoon. however we did get all our shopping done so that made me happy! i've got a few things to make online but that's it. by the evening i was truly pooped. my feet were so swollen and my hips, ankles, everything were all in so much pain i could barely move. but...zander was begging to put up the tree. we've always put it up while they were sleeping but for some unknown reason i decided to do it with the kids. i'm so stupid. ronan immediately threw a brand new glass ornament, breaking it everywhere (darth vader none the less! ) and cried for the next hour as we said "no ronan, no ronan, no ronan" to just about everything he did. halfway through i heard zander in the bathroom followed by a loud crash. he had knocked over a glass vase filled with glass ornaments all over the bathroom. it was just the end of a crappy night! from now on there will be no more kids involved till their fifteen!
we also did our christmas card pics the night before. so here's some candid shots that i didn't edit. so they're a little bright and washed out.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Roasting Marshmallows

We finally got a chance to roast marshmallows with the boys in our fire pit. zander has been dying to do this for a while. he sees "camping" on tv and they always roast marshmallows. so here's the boys on the swing enjoying the fire. ronan is quite the cheeser.
Ronan after his first bite of smores. zander in the background looking frighteningly scary.
Chubby bunny!

Roasting away.

This is my little cross dresser! :) he loves to wear mommies shoes! :) high heels and crocs.

this is just funny cause ronan took the computer cord and tried to plug in his ear.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ridiculous week

we've had a really really bad week this week. ronan has not been sleeping at all and i really mean not sleeping at all. waking up every 30-40 minutes at night. he's on antibiotics starting yesterday and hopefully will be better soon. and i've had no naps either for three i'm a wreck and very tired. well this morning ben woke up at 5 am this morning with severe diarrhea. by this evening it was nothing but blood. off to urgent care we go! after xrays, ivs, blood samples, and general waiting, we were released with antibiotics and some sampling tools. (for special sampling gathering....:) ) they think it's a bacterial infection of some sort gotten probably by food poisoning. the poor guy has never been so sick i swear. sooo....i'm still very tired...very very tired. pray for ben to get completely better.
and for sleep, precious sleep.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

day in and day out blah blah....i can't figure out gifts this year...i'm tired of getting the inlaws the same ole same ole. but asking what they want is useless too....(sorry guys, you know its true). i want to be creative, but i'm just not. doesn't everyone just want a cute picture of my boys?! come on, they're adorable! hahaha....i have no idea what to get for my parents, for my sis in laws, for anyone.....poop. if i had more money the options would be greater. but i have to think more creatively. i love buying the boys stuff cause they'd be happy with a cardboard box. maybe i'll just get some moving supplies for them. :)
and then there's the photo cards. why do i do them? cause i love them...i love getting them from people and seeing how kids have changed, etc. but i always want to come up with something fun to do. last years pics were awful cause i just wanted to get them done on black i cut and pasted and then we were the color green for some reason. horrible i tell you. the years before that were just boring.....i've got nothing...and then do i do just the kids? the whole family? what would you want to recieve? and another fun thought, all my christmas card labels are on the crashed computer...great. so i've gotta try to retrieve those again!
bah humbug! but i do love christmas and i want to set the tree up already! zander is practicing for singing his christmas songs for church which i'm SOOOO excited about! it'll be the first time to see him sing and to experience that 'parent' moment. he's so stinkin' cute about it too.
ok that's all

Thursday, November 13, 2008

silly boy

the other day ronan was doing his crazy screams for my ice cubes...he loves to eat that stuff. zander was getting annoyed that i wasn't giving ronan the ice right away so he says "mama, that's spanish for he wants ice.". :) funny.
i thought ronan had an ear infection too because he was scratching at his ear and freaking out and crying. so i took him to the doctor and she said he's fine. absolutely, positively nothing wrong with him. go figure. isn't that the way of it? oh well...better to know than not to know.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

new pains

well i thought i might not have the pelvis pain that i had with the last pregnancy...but alas, it is starting. it's far less traumatizing this time cause i know what to expect and the pain is sadly familiar. but it's disappointing cause for some reason i was hoping it wouldn't happen. and my hips are already aching like crazy. dang third baby. how do people have so many children? do they have steel bones? feel no pain? just plain crazy? or lying to us about how wonderful pregnancy is?! blah i 'm not bitter. :) i would have more kids if i could have a surrogate. any volunteers? :) hahaha...
baby jade is moving a ton now! and i just want to say, that i wore my regular non maternity pants to church today. granted my butt was squished into them like sardines, but hey they bottoned and i didn't feel like i was going to pop. so yea, i'm bragging....if you'd carried the butt, thighs, and other nasty weighty places i did with the boys you'd be bragging too! jade is mostly all belly which is totally weird to me. the boys were little belly, tons of fat every where else.
ok, not sure why i'm even writing about this.
today was cold and rainy; and although i could have lived without the rain, i loved the cold. we've had 90 and then down to 65, then back to 90 again. i'm over it. one temp range per season please! but today was freezing cause of the wind but i swear my thermometer only said 63. oh how our bodies change since moving to cali. i've forgotten what real 'freezing' means! :)
ok, i'm off.

Friday, November 7, 2008


Yup, sick again. Ronan is sick, zander is sick, and ben thinks he's getting sick. blah.....i hate colds. i think it's been less than two weeks since the boys had a cold. man i thought i would escape all this moving away from michigan. i took zander to the doctor tonight with stomach pain and turns out he's constipated. poor little thing. so we had to fill him with fiber supplement and now he's stomach's hurting again from that. plus he's just now coming down with the cold. so he's pretty much miserable. oh the joys....
they've both been waking up at the butt crack of dawn lately because of the time change. i'm so over it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they need to sleep better. i'm going to go crazy if i don't get some deeper and longer amounts of sleep!
oh well i'm off to eat some ice cream!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

still going

so the computer went haywire yesterday and i couldn't finish my post. the ultrasound showed that i have placenta previa. if you've had csections before or a d&c you're chances of having it are higher. so i'm not surprised or alarmed really. if you don't know, it just means my placenta is over my cervix. because i'm having a csection already, it's not really a problem for me. but i guess it could cause early bleeding and bed rest of preterm labor. but 90% of women have their placenta move up on their own. so i'm really not worried. just an fyi.
also, our hearts go out to my father in law who's mother passed away today. prayers for you and your family!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Baby Jade

We had our actual 20 week ultrasound today! Jade looks very healthy and good. and she is DEFINITELY still a girl! ok, i can relax now. the first picture is her spine, butt and little leg. the second is her big foot, and the last is her looking right at you. unfortunately after we saw all the girl parts, etc. she started freaking out and moving and we didn't get a picture after that. but there is no question! she's 14 oz.