Thursday, January 29, 2009

OOPS i forgot!

i don't know how i could forget, but zander threw up this morning with the stomach flu and has been feeling like crap all day. poor bugger!

Update on Baby Jade

Today i had another ultrasound to make sure that my placenta had moved. good news is, the placenta has moved! woo hoo i guess but since i'm having a csection it really doesn't matter. however, the tech would NOT tell me much at all. i asked how big the baby was and she wouldn't tell me. she got a weird look and said she couldn't say cause of liability and the doctor would discuss everything with me. she did say, 'have you been measuring big?' and just to feel her out i said, 'yeah around 1 1/2 week to 2 weeks ahead' (just to see mind you, in reality i hadn't been) and she said, 'yea that's about right'. SO....that scares me! she's going to be freakin' HUGE! so now i have to wait till next thursday to see what the doctor says. unless something is seriously wrong and then i think they will call me. i can say that she has adorably chubby cheeks like zander did, and a pouty upper lip like zander too. she's truly beautiful. someday i'll scan the pictures in. oh and she is still a girl! i know i know, but i still freak out and think a boy might come out!
and no update from work. but thanks again for your prayers and support!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Leaning on the everlasting arms

this is just what i'm feeling over and over. this amazing hymn has brought me so much comfort in the last few days. at night when i can't sleep the holy spirit is filling me with beautiful verses that has soothed my soul. however, i would love to sleep, but it's still been a precious time. The lord has also brought forward so many friends to pray for us and encourage us. i can't begin to explain to you how much that means for us.ben has been guaranteed work till feb.13 at least. so that's good! we will keep you updated as we hear things.

oh and jane said i had to post the 4th picture in my 4th folder on my computer. so here it is! the boys at a hotel cheezing it up! I'm now tagging allison davis, lacey rumley, and cheryl annen. post your 4th picture in your 4th folder! no editing allowed!

Monday, January 26, 2009

scary times

so last night at around 8:30 ben had a conference call for work to be informed that the home depot was going to close all the expo design centers across the us, and many of the other stores. i swear my heart stopped when i heard the news. the stores will start liquidating tomorrow and then close april 8 (projected date). however, ben's job is useless now since he brings in retainers and there is no need for that now. so he might be thrown on the floor to sell, or be let go sooner than april 8. either way, they are offering 60 days severance with full medical. so praise God jade will be born under insurance. but now we are spinning...or maybe i should say i'm spinning. ben has been a pillar of strength and is already making plans to figure out how to get us by. i go through periods of being completely at peace to feeling like i can't breathe. I know God is good, and he is in control, but honestly sometimes walking through that path of struggle just sucks. and this just sucks. will the outcome be ok? i truly believe so, but i just don't want to hurt and struggle through. but that's just me being a baby. please join us in prayer as we search for a job and find out where God wants us to be.
anyone got a job for us? :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

two steps forward, one step back

we had one successful night and two naps with ronan in zander's room. then...they got colds...and then....zander started coughing like a maniac and shaking the bunk....then...ronan woke up every five minutes....then....we moved him back into his old room. blah. but at least i know now that ronan can sleep in zander's room and be ok. so i'm going to take a deep breath and not stress over it. but man i want ronan out so i can work on jade's room at night. but hey, it's seven weeks till she's here...i guess i can survive another week or so!
the last few days i've had tons of pressure and a feeling like my stomach is being pulled to the ground. my bh contractions are more intense and during the day more instead of just at night. so my dr. told me to go to triage at mary birch to get checked out. dumb. i have an apt on thursday with him. so i get to triage...they hook me up and monitor me. i'm laying on my side and of course there are no contractions. i tried to tell them that. the contractions are when i'm sitting, walking, moving...whatever. so she said she cant' check my cervix since i have a low lying placenta. ok, great. so how do you know if anything is going on? shouldn't you do an ultrasound to check? nope, just go home. wonderful. thank you for your worthless opinion and uselessness in this issue. oh she did say to stay off my feet since that seems to help the contractions stop. umm, ok...then are you going to come over and clean my house and do my laundry and feed my children? oh no? ok then, shut it.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Jade's take home outfit

i know, you're surprised it's not leopard print. but here's her little outfit!

Ronan's Bedroom switch

so we tried to switch ronan to zander's bottom bunk did not work! the boy went into hysterics when we tried to leave him in the room. he'd fall asleep then wake up screaming. i think he was over exhausted from z's bday and such, so probably not the best time to switch. plus he's still got that wretched ear infection. so today we tried nap time and he made it about an hour then woke up in hysterics (i don't mean crying, i mean hysterics!) tonight ben's at a guys night so i put him in his own bed cause i can't sit awkwardly in the bunk trying to get him to sleep. so tomorrow we'll try naps again, then night time. pray for us!

Zander's Bday update

so zanders bday was a fun day. luckily ben had the day off so he was able to come with us for the day. zander wanted to go to "inside park" aka playtown, in the morning. it's an indoor area full of play equipment like slides, jump kings, etc. both boys love it! but it was a homeschool co-op day so there were TONS of kids. after about an hour we bribed zander into leaving and going to the mall. he had a wall-e bday so we told him we'd take him to the Disney store to pick out a wall-e toy if he'd leave. so off we went! he also wanted rice and soy sauce for lunch so we did that at the mall too. of course, we couldn't leave without a ride on the carousal. after naps we went to carls jr. for dinner with my parents (also zander's choice.). then back to our house for cake and ice cream. and of course, my mother made one of her famous cakes for zander. an eve cake that he's still talking about! he LOVED it! then present time! of course the award winning present was Kota the triceratops dino! check out the pics!

aand just cause it's cute, my little cuddlebugs!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

happy 4th bday zander!

i will write more about zander's bday when i get a chance to breathe. but first attempt to move ronan into his room is a failure. attempt number 2 tomorrow.....
more to follow!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sick Ronan again...

ronan has been oozing out one of his ears for a while now. it comes and goes but never super consistant. the doc saw him on jan. 6 and said his eardrum was wet, but not red. his tubes were still in place and looked fine. but yesterday ronan was freaking out if someone touched his ear and saying "ow!!!" then he started oozing a thick green nastiness out his ear. so i took him back to the doctor and by then he had a fever. so more antibiotics for the little guy. :( but hey, still no cold! the boys are going on two weeks with no cold! woo hoo! and ronan will probably move into zanders room this week. zander is asking for ronan for his bday! :) so cute! and zander turns four on thursday! crazy! i can't believe my little man is so old! we're having a "wall-e" bday with him. just my parents and us. but geegee (my mom) is making an eve cake which zander is very excited about. i'm so happy too that ben has that day off! woo hoo!

Monday, January 12, 2009


i am on a nesting craze! i can't stop! i've emptied out ronan's room, cleaned out zander's closet to put ronan's stuff in, organized jade's clothes, started moving ronan's clothes out. i'm so tired but its like i have this drive that is uncontrollable and i can't stop it. it's also driving ben crazy cause i chose the dumbest times to do this stuff. like right before ronan's nap or bedtime. i never had this big of a problem not being able to stop. now i'm sitting here in extreme pain from doing too much today. but it was 80 degrees + out today and the boys and i ran around like crazy people so i'm sure that contributed too. oh well, 8 weeks and counting!!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Poor little Ronan.

somewhere deep inside he does have such a tender little heart. the other day we were going to meet my mom. well he always has to say hi to the dog next door to us. he goes to the fence and giggles and talks to mocha the dog. well this particular day, ronan threw his little pacifier through the fence for mocha. and of course mocha gobbles it up immediately. i came running and coaxed mocha back to the fence and convinced the dog to relinquish the pacifier. feeling all proud of myself that i got it back unharmed i turned to ronan whose eyes filled with tears as he burst out crying. i didn't understand at first and i quickly went to clean the pacifier to give it to ronan thinking that's why he was crying. but once he was in the car seat and i had the pacifier all cleaned, ronan kept crying and crying. i gave him the pacifier to which he said "mo mo num num!!!" (mocha, pacifier!) little ronan had given mocha his most prized possession, his paci. and i had taken the gift back and that had crushed ronan. poor little thing. needless to say, i just drove off. mocha did not get to have the pacifier back. sorry ronan, someday you'll be glad. :)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Big Boys

ronan and zander both had doctor appointments today and are exactly 10 lbs a part (27 and 37 lbs) and 10" apart (35 and 45 inches). they are both tall and skinny. 50% and 95% for both of them. it's so funny to me that they still look nothing alike, so much so the doctor even commented on it. they both got shots and neither cried! good boys! i think ronan didn't cry just cause zander didn't.
i finally got our take home outfit for little jade tonight. i feel much better now she can come. hahhahah....cause heaven forbid she come home in a normal footie pj or something! :) hey, i'm only getting one girl, i'm going to make it big!
i'd post a picture but it's not online and i've been searching for hours. i'm currently watching ben sew the bedding for jade. its funny to watch. in case you didn't know, the ebay bedding i loved, the lady gave our money back and said she sold it on craigs list instead. ptpth! stupid lady. but ben is doing a fabulous job and it's going to look amazing! i let him pick the material so it's contemporary but still girly. black and white with hot pink accent. very cute. i also have found a diaper bag i highly covet. but thank you betsey johnson for making it $135 so i will never acquire it. :( here's a pic.