Monday, April 27, 2009

mom brain moment

so here's my mom brain moment for the day....this morning while i was trying my darndest to get the kids ready and out the door by nine for z's preschool, ronan pooped. so i changed him and about ten minutes later i see him completely soaked with pee. so as i'm cursing the diapers i chose to buy this time, i take him back to his room to change him again. i pull off his pants and wouldn't you know it, no diaper. now you're probably thinking he somehow managed to figure out how to take it off himself. BUT....nope. i didn't put one on him after i changed his poopy diaper. just pulled his pants up and called it good. i am so losing it...someone get me some sleep.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jade and allergies

i think jade is allergic to cow's milk. both my brothers are and my oldest brother started to show symptoms at 7 weeks (thank you to my mother who wrote that down in his baby book). jade is 7 weeks on tuesday and on friday she got a rash all over her face just like my brother did. the last week she's been spitting up more and more and sleeping less and less restfully. she wakes up to spit up and scream from gas. all my kids had gas, so i understand that, but this is constant gas. so off to the doctor i go tomorrow. i will feel so bad for her if she is allergic and the boys aren't. i wasn't allergic to cow's milk but my parents raised me like i was and never even tried to find out if i was or not because my brother's were. it wasn't till college that i tried milk and ate chocolate and realized i wasn't allergic. i just don't want that life for her like i had. :( but i guess with the vast amount of people with allergies now there are more ways around it. i understand my parents choice to raise me that way because it would be hard to have special treatment for one child while the other ones missed out. but it still sucked! stay tuned to find out what the verdict is....

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

very tired very very tired

first, becky and paul hughes if you are reading this...thank you thank you for the cute sweater! becky it is so girlie and adorable! thanks for making it for her. er...i mean, paul thank you for making it and becky thank you for picking the color! :)
and here's an update on ben's job --> he loves it! soooo good that he loves it. it's a great fit for him, his supervisor loves him, and he feels like he's doing a good job. it's nice to see him so happy and excited to go to work. he's a great husband and a great father, and a hard worker. man i love him.
now today...oh man, what a day. the last two days jade has been refusing a bottle. she screams, and by scream, i mean SCREAMS, everytime the bottle goes near her. she has horrible gas and i think has become afraid of the bottle because when she sucks on the bottle, the gas gets bad. so i have to distract her with bouncing under the ceiling fan. sometimes it works, sometimes not so much. and she's not eating as much as she was either. so complicated. three kids is definitely a TON of work. i highly don't recommend having more than two. yup, that's my recommendation. three is ridiculously hard and for you who have three or more, you are equally as crazy. it's so hard to take care of jade's sudden special needs along with the two boys. especially with ronan and his stubborn ways. that boys needs to be an only child with all the attention and discipline he needs!
blah, baby is up i go to rock her....

Monday, April 20, 2009

some pics

today was the hottest day ever! after naps it was still blazin' hot so the boys went outside for some playtime in the sprinkler. the found a nest of slugs and were very delighted to show me those. then it was on to a mud bath... i love boys! they are simply taken by the joys of mud. and somehow, sluggy (zander named him) ended up in my shower afterwards....not so fun. for the rest of the pics check out my facebook!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

so cute...i'm in love

she's just adorable! little jade that is...she just cracks me up with her crazy hair! but i love her immensely and also love dressing her up. isn't she precious?!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

i'm running out of titles...

so found out today that jade is 11lbs 4 oz. and 23 inches long. still super tall! she's awake more and more and i love her little fat face. she is starting to smile more too. it's not very much but cute none-the-less. having a daughter is still really weird, but i love it. i still love getting her dressed up every morning. its way more fun the the shirts and jeans with the boys!
i also found ronan in the hamper sleeping again during his nap. that boy is bizarre. its not like those clothes don't smell! they're little boy clothes! ewww!
oh and i guess i forgot to blog that on easter i went to my mom's for dinner. we ate fabulous lamb and ham (yes it's funny). the boys ate way too much candy but loved being at gee gee's house. here are some more pics from church.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Funny funny funny

zander cracks me up. we finally had the conversation about where jade's penis is. i was changing her yesterday and he said, where's her penis? i said, girls don't have penis'. just boys. zander insisted she did have a penis. 'you must have broken it off mom'. yes, sweetheart, that was what i did...seriously, where does he come up with this? poor little thing.
so being a mom is very rewarding. i love my children, really i do. but man, it's EXHAUSTING! three is about to dang near kill me. but i am getting super productive while zander is at preschool. i'm finally getting done all the junk i've needed to do around the house for forever! but by 8 pm i'm about to fall over. i swear three is just ridiculous amounts of work. at night i pray that i won't lose my temper, won't lose my mind, and won't break down and cry. fixing dinner and managing all three kids is just tons of fun. jade is becoming more and more awake though so that is fun, but her not so fun time is often during that dinner prep. and the boys, well, they insist upon getting into trouble when i'm cooking. fighting, tearing up the house, etc.
and then there was last night....yesterday i got a ton done in the morning and was feeling proud of myself, but that evening i was pooped. but jade started crying around 7 and proceeded to cry during the boys bathtime. then ben tells me the water wont' turn off because he turned the handle too much and something broke. so the bath is pouring water, jade is screaming, and the boys are freaking out cause we're making them get out of the bath before they're 'ready'. good times. finally we got to a point where ben could turn the water off outside but then we were without water the rest of the night. this morning ben turned the water on while we took quick baths, and then back to no water again. luckily we had lots of bottled water! then the plumber came....814 dollars. someone pinch me. and he has to come back tomorrow to fix it. ahh...good times again. oh and he had to go through jade's closet wall. no naps in there tomorrow!
ok, novel over!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Day

I love easter!! it's one of the most important holidays in the christian faith. it's a holiday reminding us of the hope we have in Jesus. He has conquered death, hallelujah! sadly, i didn't get to sing "up from the grave he arose! (sung with highly theatrical hand motions!)" today. :( that made it not such a wonderful easter. but my hubby's the worship leader so what can you do? :) before i get into the rest of easter, i have to tell you ronan's funny story from last night. before we went to bed, we heard some weird noises coming from the boys room. i thought ronan might be awake but wasn't sure. so ben went in to see if he was ok, but couldn't find him in the bed. instead, he found a little fuzzy head nuzzled up in the laundry baskets that are at the head of his bed. :) poor boy! it was hilarious. ben put him back into his bed with no memory of the instance. but we found his paci in the laundry hamper again this morning, so maybe he went back into the basket later.
so for easter, yesterday (saturday) we dressed the kids up and took pictures while i had ben to help me. so didn't work though....jade is suffering from baby acne and 'hey i look like an old man'. not so cute. and of course, getting three kids to smile at the camera is nearly impossible. plus ronan got ticked that he couldn't hold jade. but we did get a few. then we colored eggs in the back yard which was over very quickly the way the boys like to just drop and go.
today, was a chore getting all the kids dressed and out the door for church. did i mention i hate that ben leaves early to be there for practice! the devil is active on sunday mornings and i swear it's everything in my power to get them out the door! but we made it, early even! zander was going to be singing so i had to be there earlier than normal. but man was zander the most adorable child ever singing! i'm so proud of that little guy. he's truly a performer just like his daddy. ben also sang in church today. he got razzed for wearing a tie like the boys. but hey, i'm baptist, we dress up for easter. :)
here are some pics and the video of zander singing. enjoy!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

amazing little girl

she slept through the night two nights in a row! first night (four weeks and one day) she slept from 11:30 - 6:45. second night she slept 11:30 - 6:00 am. i am truly amazed!!! that's all.

Monday, April 6, 2009

pictures i promised

here are some pics from the last few days. i did somehow manage to make it through today in one piece. yea! it's going to be a long couple of weeks though...i'm already tired.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Tomorrow is the big day! ben is going back to work! he has been home since February 20! wow...that's a stinkin' long time. but i've gotten so used to him and his extra pair of hands that i don't know if i can function without him! it will be so lonely!!!!! but i'm excited for him and i know he's ready. as i mentioned before...:)
so today we had to take jade to the doctor cause she has the eye cold that ronan had. and they weighed her and discovered that she is 10 lbs 8 oz! last monday she was only 9. 14! dang this girl can eat! but who doesn't love a little chunkymonkey right? i really do wonder if i'll ever get my household healthy again though. i swear i don't know what to it just us or do other families feel like they are constantly sick? am i doing something wrong? i've added vitamins, different veggies, gotten them to eat more meat...but nothing! maybe it's just my side of the family's genes. they pretty much suck. :)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

A clean house!!!!!!!!!!!!!

can i shout it from the rooftops now?! my house is CLEAN!!!!!!! finally!!!! we finally got our state taxes back which i swear i thought we weren't going to get, and i got to get my house CLEANED!!!! wooooo hooooooo!!! best feeling in the world! those women were AMAZING! they moved furniture to clean!!! FURNITURE! can you believe it?! who does that?! obviously not me with the look on their faces when they did move it! but now i want to put my children in cages so they can't get anything dirty! its' a catch 22; i love it clean, but i'm afraid to move or live with it clean. oh well, i'll still take clean.
so things here are going ok. for the most part we are finally all better. except for ben...he just came down with the same cold/cough thing we've all had, and now jade has the eye cold that ronan had. good times. i am coughing far less which is a huge answer to prayer cause let me tell you how much that sucked with a csection!
on the boys front...can i just reiterate that ronan is a STUBBORN child?! stubborn, stubborn, stubborn. tonight he sat at the table for over 1/2 hour refusing to eat! (does that sound like my husband's childhood or what?!) and i fixed him two different meals. he was just being a bum! then ben sat down with him and after two attempts, ronan ate for him. little punk. but on a postive note, he's talking in sentences which is just weird. tonight he said "where's my paci?" it's so odd cause he seems so little to me still!
the boys had fun tonight dressing up in their costumes. ronan wore zander's elephant costume and zander his dino. they wrestled all over the floor and were just hilarious. some day i'll post pics of the fun times, but it was hilarious. those are the moments i smile, take a deep breath, and thank God for the chance to be a mother.