Tuesday, November 24, 2009

small praise

i got my wallet back tonight. someone found it in a trash can in albertsons. lots of things were missing but some priceless things were there. like pictures of my kids and on my wedding day. but gone are my checks, license, cards, seaworld and zoo passes. i felt disgusted picking it up and realizing they had gone through everything. including a precious letter from my husband. i felt violated. i'm so angry. and the police called at 6:54 am this morning. so i missed that call. i called them four more times and they never called back. i am pissed at sdpd. stupid people.

Monday, November 23, 2009

the crappiest night ever

so tonight we ran up to big lots to get a toy drum set for ronan that they had on sale. we got there and realized that they were out of them and decided to head to the other big lots. so off we went. after we bought our stuff i realized that i had left my purse at the other store in the cart. so off we went...ben called the store and asked if anyone had turned in my purse. well the manager said it was already picked up!!!!! WHAT?!!!!!! so i dropped ben off at home to put the kids to bed and off i went. so here's what happened. a lady turned in my purse to the cashier. the manager looked inside the purse and saw my name on the checks. but then the manager went on break. the cashier got a call from a woman who described what was in the purse and said her husband was on her way to get it. the man came in and said his name was dillon and she just forked it over to him. she didn't ask what his wife's name was, or check if his name matched what was on the checks. SHE JUST FRICKIN' GAVE IT TO HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and of course the video feed was frozen so they had to call coorperate and get them to hack into the system. i am devestated...and angry....and frightened....and just completely overwhelmed. it had my keys, credit card, bank card, checks, digital camera, and the irreplaceable video camera which had many of jade's 'firsts' on it. we had to hide our cars cause the police believe it was too thought out and that they would more than likely come for our cars since they have my address on my license. ben has to change the locks on the house which he can't do till tomorrow so i get to live in fear tomorrow. they emptied our bank account and charged our credit card. we've had to freeze everything. i'm just so flippin' overwhelmed. there's so much to do and i'm so afraid i'll miss something. we have to get our car keys changed too which isn't going to be cheap. but believe me big lots is GOING TO PAY FOR IT!!!! ugh...shoot me.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

weekend update

good times....we thought ronan broke his foot on friday by jambing his big toe on a door jamb. but the top of his foot was what was hurting him and he was limping like crazy. then z started getting sick again and coughing like a fool. he said his chest was hurting so i didn't know if he was getting a 2ndary infection or if he was getting something new. there was no fever but i decided to take them both to urgent care on saturday and just get it over with. well let me explain just how fun it is with two boys in a little curtain covered area for 3 1/2 hours! ronan was a terror and you can't yell at him cause well, there are people all over waiting to call cps on me. zander was bored out of his mind and very tired of wearing the stupid doctor mask to cover his cough. every five minutes, ronan don't touch that, ronan touch pull that, ronan don't squeeze that, ronan don't hit your brother, ronan STOP! ugh...it was a nightmare. anyways, by the time i got home i was a raw nerve. but fortunately ronan didn't have a broken foot and zander was getting a new illness. so i got home put the boys to bed and then jade woke up from her nap. sigh...i hate days when there is no mutual sleeping. i'm spoiled i know. but the lord knows what i need! so where was ben? he was at the new moon movie. i went friday night and ben went saturday. and then we both went again saturday night. i love that movie. and yes, i added a new ticker for the next movie already!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

eye bulging moment

ugh...so not a good night. so i had one of those eye bulging, head twisting, out of body moments tonight. and as it was happening, in my head, i realize, oh my word...this is over the stupidest thing! here's the scenario...i'm cooking dinner, jade is on the floor bawling her eyes out FOR NO GOOD REASON! zander has come into the kitchen four times now and asked to watch a movie. four times i've said no. on the fifth time i lose it...jade's screaming, zanders bugging, and i feel my eyes start to bulge, my head start to twist, and every vein in my body pop out. and i'm screaming liking a banchee at him, at jade, at the wall. then it hits me, oh for the love, my mother is on the phone still. yea, i was talking to her while cooking dinner...and yes, she's just witnessed one of the crappiest blow outs i'vehad. talk about humbling...nothing like having someone else witness your exorcist moments, let alone your mother! i'm sure i'll hear from cps in the morning...
but on a positive note, having someone else witness it brought a deeper repentence and awareness of my need for forgiveness from both my children and my heavenly father. so we all sat down to pray together at bedtime and i apologized through prayer and to them directly. so as traumatizing as it was to have my mother hear me, there's nothing like having someone hear your horrible moments. but then isn't God always there to hear those horrible moments? and doesn't his heart break each time? ugh....bad night, good night, eye opening night.

Monday, November 16, 2009

a cute pic

these are cute!


i am completely overwhelmed and behind so here's a quick update. i had food poisoning today so i'm out of wack and way behind. nevermind the fact that i was gone all weekend and even further behind. ben stayed home today to help me so that was nice. i swear i feel like i get food poisoning all the time lately. weak stomach i guess. so friday we kidnapped melissa from my small group, and by we, i mean the rest of the small group girls. so we took her to dinner and then to an overnight in ramona. it was a lot of fun and good girl time. i have never had such friends that i've allowed in so closely in a long time. they are great girls and i love them. i hope melissa had fun too. on saturday ben and the kids came up and met me and we stayed till sun. morning. the kids LOVED the pool and had quite the middle of the night funny/trauma.
in the middle of the night saturday night we heard a blood curdling scream. like the kind you convince yourself you're going to walk in and see your child dead. so we took off to the boys room were they were sleeping together. zander was sitting in his bed bawling and ronan was trying to get into the closet. poor z claimed to have hit his head on his suitcase...but well, that was on the other side of the room. then he claimed his bunk bed, yup, that's at home. finally he said the table. so when he screamed he woke ro up who instead of helping his bro, he freaked and ran for the door crying! flee the scene child, good job. but instead he got the closet door cause he couldn't find the other door. so he was even more traumatized. poor silly children. however, jade slept through it all. even though she was sleeping in their bathroom. don't ask....

Thursday, November 12, 2009

when jade goes spew!

ew ew ew...that's all i have to say!!! tonight i was feeding jade 'garden vegetable pasta". ok first off its the standard ground up nastiness that babies generally eat. well its red too. ok so enough of that description. well she was eating and eating and completed about half of the jar. then all of a sudden she started acting like she was gagging. but there are NO chunks in it. of course she may have regurgitated a small book she ate earlier in the day (all the paper i swear...). but then it happened....her mouth opened as in slow motion and out started the spewing! all the red nasty smelly crap! all over her, the highchair, but because i screamed and ran away, NOT on me. ok probably shouldn't have screamed and ran away when my poor baby was spewing...but well i did. it was gross. i did take her out of the highchair and clean everything up. but there was no fever and praise God, no repeat vomiting. ahhh....i love gross-ness. yay for random throwup.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

new dress and dentist

so i took the boys to the dentist on monday...grrrr....if i say nothing else, hear this "TAKE YOUR KIDS TO THE DENTIST!" and start early! so ronan has a jacked up jaw that is not spreading or growing in the right way. so we have to watch that and if he doesn't grow out of it, then head gear for him! oh boy....and zander...welll....zander has THREE cavities! what the heck?! i'm going to blame bad genetics...thank you ben, and my mom. so he has to go for two sittings to get them fixed because they are on molars that he wouldn't lose until he's around 11. so he has to keep the molars in place for teeth movement and adjustment. so yeah i'm looking forward to that. next friday is his first session. blah
on a postive note, ben's work in is having a formal christmas party requiring a formal dress! woo hoooo! please give me a reason to dress up!!!! i'm so excited!! so here's some pics of my dress. except mine will be in black. i'm sooooo geeked! but the pics are copyrighted so they're a little jacked up on positioning. but you get the idea!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Amazing post!!!

this is an amazing site from MONEYSAVINGMOM.com!!! i am seriously going to check this out! i suck at coming up with ideas for meals and she does it for yoU!!!!! based on your likes and dislikes!! fabulous!!! and for $5-10 a month! um definitely worth it!
this is the post from http://www.moneysavingmom.com

Posted: 07 Nov 2009 09:07 AM PST
Kate, from Stolen Moments Cooking, recently offered to let me try out her personalized menu planning service. I was a little bit leery of how it would work for someone like me. I rarely follow recipes or directions and so following a menu plan that someone else made up for me? I really didn't think it would work. But I was pleasantly surprised at how helpful this service was--even for an out-of-the-box, non-systematical person like me!
Here are a few things I liked about Stolen Moments Menu Planning:
First off, Kate doesn't just send you a generic menu for the month. Oh no! You fill out a survey and then she custom creates a menu tailored to your family's likes and dislikes--and it's all factored in with your grocery budget, too. I was impressed with her ability to take the survey I filled out and put together a great menu within our weekly grocery budget which also considered our family's food preferences. It sort of felt like I was royalty or something to have someone else planning customized menus for our family!
Secondly, while I didn't follow the menu exactly (you know that would pretty much be impossible for me to do, don't you?), having a full month's worth of menus all mapped out for me gave me a great springboard of ideas and inspiration to work from. As a busy mom of three little ones, it definitely saved me time and mental energy to have a list already made out to work from.
Thirdly, Kate had a lot of unique ideas woven throughout the menu to help you speed up your efficiency in the kitchen. For instance, she suggested I bake extras of certain items and stick them in the freezer for a later date. One of my favorite ideas was her recipe for Homemade Uncrustables (just make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, cut out with a biscuit cutter, crimp the edges together with a fork, and freeze). It's such a simple thing, but something I'd never thought to do before. What a fun and economical way to have lunch-on-the-go all made up and at-the-ready in the freezer!
I believe strongly that one of the easiest ways to save money on your grocery bill is to have a menu plan and to follow the plan. It will eliminate dozens of unnecessary purchases and store-runs throughout the month which will invariably save you dozens--if not hundreds!--of dollars.
If you want to plan menus but feel hurried and harried as it is and would rather pay a little bit to have someone do the work for you, I'd definitely recommend that you check out Stolen Moments Menu Planning. The small amount of money it costs each month, could definitely save you more than ten times the actual cost of the service.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

10 things you didn't know about me

i've been tagged. here are 10 completely random things about me!

1. i am totally obsessed with miley cyrus/hannah montana music and well...clothes.
2. sometimes when i walk by the couch and their are toys or garbage around it, i might actually kick it under the couch instead of cleaning it up.
3. parking garages stress me out to no end. low ceilings, close cars, scary!
4. if i find crumbs on the table i have a tendency to eat them as opposed to throwing them away. gross, i know. who knows how long they've been there.
5. i hate the smell of ketchup after it's been out for a while. like smeared on a plate in the sink.
6. i dream about food a lot. i love food. i love eating.
7. my humor is the equivalent of a middle school boy. ok, maybe you already know that about me.
8. i love weird shows like bones, fringe, and anything sci fi.
9. i would LOVE to learn kickboxing or boxing or anything violent.
10. i want desperately to grow up and be a hairdresser.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

prayers for zander

my darling zander is so very very sick. i'm really worried about him. as the day/night progressed he got worse and worse. his fever was 102 and i took him to after hours pediatrics. he would barely stand at all and always wanted to sit on my lap. very not like zander. his eyes looked like he had been crying for days, and his cheeks were super flushed. i've just never seen him look this sick. the absolutely NOT SMART doctor heard me say that z had had some nasal drainage for about a week and said, 'oh its a sinus infection'. umm...no its not. i said well don't you think he might have the flu? he's sick to his stomach, sore throat, coughing, fever....ummm...sounds like the flu. so she gives me antibiotics for his 'sinus infection'. idiot doctor.
so on the way home...we had to go to the after hours in mira mesa about 25 minutes away. as soon as we got on the highway zander started puking. fortunately i had stolen a puke thingy from the dr.'s office. so z got all his puke in it...an extremely large amount. then he tried to move it...while i'm driving 70 mph....yup, it spilled all over ben's car. ben's almost brand new car. so i quickly pull over to the side of the highway...but guess what? it's ben's car...no blankets, no wipes, only three mcdonalds napkins. umm...that's not going to cover much. so the poor boy had to ride 20 more minutes home in his own puke. brutal.
so i got home and tried to help ben get the boys in bed when jade woke up. so i quickly ran in her room to rock her back to sleep. as i'm laying her back in bed i see that there is spit up all over the top of her bed...did i pick her back up and clean it up? nope....i sniffed it, made sure it wasn't barf, and let her go back to sleep. i'll give her a bath in the morning. what can you do? i'm tired. :)