Wednesday, February 23, 2011

where has time gone?

oh has been way too long. i have started blogging in my head throughout the day and i have discovered that it fulfills my need to talk to the computer. so by the end of the day, i feel like i've written a book! yes i'm sure there's something not normal about that...but its ok. that's me! :) i just endured the worst weekend ever...i was supposed to go to my first women's retreat with my girlfriends but instead i got the flu. the absolute, most standard, the flu shot would have saved me, friend drove me to the doctor just to make sure and they swabbed my nose...surprise surprise....influenza. and for the next four days i did not MOVE from my bed. awful! i don't think i've ever really had the flu. and then the tamiflu made me throw up all night! oh that was joyous...
so enough about me. the kids are doing well. they also are on antibiotics from the wretched cold that won't leave....but other than that fine. :) they are my constant subjects for photography and i have to say that they are stunning to photograph. i truly love being their mom and i love watching the age they are all at. jade is almost two and that blows my mind. she loves to dance, sing, crack us all up. ronan is settling down and mollie (the dog) seems to really be helping him. he loves to cuddle with her and run her around the back yard. she is so patient with him (bordering on absolute stupidity) and loves him back. zander is growing up a mile a day. i swear he's the size of the 10 year old across the street. he's an awesome little boy and learning more and more every day. still all i hear is that he wants to be a scientist when he grows up.
any suggestions for jade's bday? themes? what do you do for little girls?