Monday, October 25, 2010

We moved!!!

well we currently have our belongings in three different locations! its been a hard couple of days! saturday we moved our belongings to our new house. but...we couldn't stay there till monday cause we hadn't closed exactly yet. so we have been staying in a hotel for the last three nights and then we're moving to the new house tomorrow. but of course we still have stuff at the old house too. its just a pain in the butt. and we still won't have have the gas turned on till wednesday. so no hot water or clothes washing or baking. good times. but i love our house. i'm happy to finally be there. i wasn't quite prepared for how hard it was going to be on the kids. zander was ecstatic to go back to school today and get away, but he's also exhausted. we've been getting to bed late and getting up early. ro is just losing it. its hardest on him i think. he's been acting out a lot and having problems just melting down. i also think he's tired. he did finally take a good nap today but i had to lay down with him till he fell asleep. he misses his old house. and then tonight we got to bed late again and up early tomorrow for school. poor kids. jade is doing better today but it still very clingy. she wants to stay close to me all the time and gets grumpy easily. ben is exhausted and ready to fall down and sleep. but he's got to go back to work tomorrow and that's hard for all of us! but i've been blessed with some amazing friends who are helping me out. a big shout of thanks to my small group who helped me pack, move and unpack. i love them! so keep us in your prayers. we're all pooped. oh and ben is leaving thursday-saturday for pray for that too. can't wait for everyone to see the house. although there are LOTS of things to do...such as painting, floorboards, etc. its the finishing work i'm learning to just let go'll happen eventually right? off to bed i go....

Monday, October 4, 2010

everything's flying!

i cannot get over how fast the days are going! i can barely blink before another week has passed! suddenly i'm getting ready to move, i'm headed to michigan for a wedding, and i'm barely breathing! it's great! daisy portraits is going really well...i've had a lot of clients so far! we are less than three weeks away from moving into our new house! wooooo hooooo! i went by today and it looks great! i'm so glad the repairs are finally almost done! and i had my first ever parent/teacher conference today! things are all good with zander, but just that he's apparently a little "too social". :) hahahahah.....that's my boy! but they said he is really apologetic when corrected and they like him a lot. so all that's good. he's reading some words and his writing is finally getting better. so phew on that! how did he grow up? his soccer team...well...they keep getting the crap beat out of them, but they're personally and individually getting better each game. :) ronan and jade love yelling for zander at his games. jade yells "go bubba go!" it's cute.

jade talks non stop and cracks me up. she is truly the center of the world and is constantly looking for ways to make people laugh! i wanna squish her on a regular basis. ronan is still trying, but turning into a wonderful little man. he's as handsome as all get out and i we are having precious time together now that zander is at school. but he misses his brother something fierce during the day! i love them all and i can honestly say we are at a happy place! praise God for that!