Thursday, March 31, 2011

potty training x2!

why is it that Ronan and jade are going to end up being potty trained at the same time?! that's wrong...just wrong. Ronan is still peeing on himself freely and lately even pooping. And jade is obsessed with the toliet and wants to sit on her little potty around the clock. i literally have to take the toliet paper out of the bathroom to make her stop and leave. she's crazy, but so much easier than that boys. however she does think that going to the bathroom is 'pooping' regardless of what is actually coming out of her.
on a fun note, i have to give a shot out to my favorite new products. Suave Dry Shampoo - AMAZING and cheap! for my crazy oil freakiness i love this. Philadelphia Cream Cheese Cooking sauces! - Just add veggies and meat and its soooo good. put it over rice or noodles...oh my good. and of course, the movie TANGLED! oh my word my kids want to watch it around the clock. such a cute movie with classicaly good disney music!
And lastly, i'm the proud foster mom to two baby chicks. they are adorable. I am doing a photoshoot on April 2 and 9th and we are going to have baby chicks and a little bunny. Fun easter mini-shoots. If you're around come check it out! $39 and you get a free 8x10 with that! i can't wait! i'm teaming up with so you'll have two photographers with different artistic expressions. anyways, the kids are obsessed with the chicks and ronan literally cries and cries when i tell him its time to put them down. poor thing. their names are Fuzzy and Wuzzy. :) anyone want them when we're done?! :)


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