Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Zander's bday pictures

Potty training is still going on. two steps forward, two steps back. seriously i start to think it's going so well and then blam....poop in the pants! oh well, i'm willing to go slow. ronan has stopped really getting on his knees. i thought for a while that he was getting ready to crawl but he doesn't seem to be showing much interest any more. he definitely is showing tons of interest in eating though! man the boy can put it away! he gets so excited and freaks out if you slow down on the feeding. at this age, zander was the same height as ronan is right now (28 3/4 ") but zander was three pounds less!!!! :) oh they're so different!

well i promised pics so here you go!
The t-rex cake my mom made. it was sooo yummy!
blowing out candles!

knee rocking
bubble heads! so cute!!
zander's dino bday
dino cookies!

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A.B. Davis said...

so good to see your blog!! isn't have boys the best?! I love it, most of the time. :) yeah, i feel you on the potty training. freakin' nuts. brennan was the same way...poop in the pants for no reason...whatever, i blamed it all on his dad, just cause he's the man in the family. :) good pics!