Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The long awaited mohawk.

i finally got some pics of ronan's mohawk for you! i can't remember if i posted the story or not, but ben gave ronan a hair cut but realized the wrap around had taken a life of its own. ronan only had hair growing out of the center of his head! so when ben cut it, by default it became a mohawk. but it's really cute.

today was a long day....it's been 75+ out so we spent the whole day outside playing. zander and ronan both got filthy but loved every minute of it. i love watching them play together and just how stinkin' sweet they are together. zander is still sick even though he's completed his round of antibiotics. the cough is still pretty bad and his nose is still running like a faucet, although a little less green. so i'm guessing another trip to the doctor is in order. ronan also had a melt down today while i was getting his food ready. apparently i waited too long for him eat so he was starving! no body believes me that this kid can wail, so i took a picture. i had fed him a whole thing of carrots and was racing to get some applesauce when this pic was taken.

let's see...what else. oh, i love my small group. i really do love that group immensely. i feel that God has brought us together and forged some amazing friendships. i feel refreshed and uplifted every time we meet! i never thought i could find friends like that!

so here's some pictures of this morning playing outside, and ronan's mohawk.

Yes, He cries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

love the mohawk! Na

Chad, Dilenna, and Ashlynn said...

Ashlynn loves playing outside too! We should get together sometime for some outside playtime :)