Sunday, February 24, 2008

I got a JOB!!!!!!!!!

well hallelujah i got a job!!!! my mom went to get her hair done on friday at studio 69 (which occassionally i get my hair done at) and i casually said to ask the owner (who does her hair) if he was hiring for weekends only. she came home and said that he wanted me to start that saturday! so yesterday i went in from 9-1 and had a blast! i answered phones, swept, did towel laundry, brought clients drinks, etc. it was just a great environment! and to be honest i was totally stoked about working in a non-christian atmosphere. i'm always jealous that ben has such a witnessing field to the collegues he works with and i feel like i'm stuck in the christian bubble. so i will be working every other saturday with potential to go every saturday from 9-1. it's great hours and hopefully i'll get some discounts! :) also, it still totally fuels my desire to go to cosmetology school!

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