Sunday, November 16, 2008

day in and day out blah blah....i can't figure out gifts this year...i'm tired of getting the inlaws the same ole same ole. but asking what they want is useless too....(sorry guys, you know its true). i want to be creative, but i'm just not. doesn't everyone just want a cute picture of my boys?! come on, they're adorable! hahaha....i have no idea what to get for my parents, for my sis in laws, for anyone.....poop. if i had more money the options would be greater. but i have to think more creatively. i love buying the boys stuff cause they'd be happy with a cardboard box. maybe i'll just get some moving supplies for them. :)
and then there's the photo cards. why do i do them? cause i love them...i love getting them from people and seeing how kids have changed, etc. but i always want to come up with something fun to do. last years pics were awful cause i just wanted to get them done on black i cut and pasted and then we were the color green for some reason. horrible i tell you. the years before that were just boring.....i've got nothing...and then do i do just the kids? the whole family? what would you want to recieve? and another fun thought, all my christmas card labels are on the crashed computer...great. so i've gotta try to retrieve those again!
bah humbug! but i do love christmas and i want to set the tree up already! zander is practicing for singing his christmas songs for church which i'm SOOOO excited about! it'll be the first time to see him sing and to experience that 'parent' moment. he's so stinkin' cute about it too.
ok that's all

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