Friday, May 7, 2010

Preschool Momma and Daddy Day

Today was a special day at zander's preschool to celebrate moms and dads. they sang an adorable song and had tables prepped for each of their parents. in my spot was a cute little survey zander filled out for his mom and dad.
1. what's your mom's name: Larissa
2. How old is your mom: 'she's had two birthdays'
3. How much does she weigh? More than a chair but less than a car, but my dad can't pick her up
4. what is her favorite drink? diet pepsi
5. what does your mom do at work? makes copies at the seminary
6. how much do you love your mom? the size of an anachonda

1. what is dad's name? Ben
2. How old is dad? 38
3. How much weight can he lift? he can pick up a big sword
4. what is his favorite drink? diet pepsi
5. what does dad do at work? he builds stuff close to the beach?
6. how much do you love dad? the same as i love my mom - anaconda big!

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