Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cute kids

my little boys had their awana awards ceremony tuesday night and it was cute. they were both so proud to stand on stage. ronan was cracking me up. he kept making faces and rocking back and forth and just smiling like crazy. probably cause i was in the front row so he had someone to make eye contact with and be a goofball for. zander was adorable and so grown up! surprise surprise he's the tallest in his 30 something class. he got a certificate and big blue ribbon. he did a great job this year and i was very proud of him. his little patches are iron on patches and ben got the bright idea to put the last few patches on (last minute of course) by holding them over a lighter and sticking them on the vest. so of course on the way to church, one by one they popped off. :) nice babe...
here's jade thinking she's adorable!
yes, he's cross eyed and staring at the ceiling. thats why he's my boy!
singing his cubbies' song!

my cheese ball! so cute!

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