Monday, June 14, 2010


so in case you haven't heard we are going home!!!! wooo hoo!!!!! i'm so excited! it has been TWO YEARS since ben has been home and has seen his extended family! it has been over a year for me and my family and two years since my family has all been together. ben and i are both so excited for the kids to hang with their cousins and play in michigan summer! my heart aches to see my brothers again and to be with their families. it has just been too long with all the families. and my sweet little nephew on ben's side (jeremy and cheryl's boy) has been born and i can't wait to snuggle him! oh and then my oldest bro and his wife is about to have their first girl! and lord willing i will be there to hold her shortly after she's born!!!! i can't even believe it! God is so good! i just wish there was more time. there's so much to do and see and people to chat with. i wish i had two weeks to stay!
and on the house front we put SIX offers out this week which brings our total to 12. i am really hopeful this week that one, just one, will accept. please lord!!!! pray hard with us cause it is HARD looking at houses with three kids in toe! (eight houses on saturday with three kids = death)

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