Thursday, February 5, 2009

update on big Bertha! aka baby jade

well i finally had my doctor appointment to tell me about my crazy ultrasound. aparently my ultrasound on january 29 showed that jade is measuring over the 90% percentile and already weighed 6.5 lbs! (mind you that was over a week ago!!!) i'm measuring three weeks ahead at 37 weeks! but my cervix is still long so there doesn't seem to be any sign of preterm labor. soo...they are discussing what the heck my due date is (i was showing feb 22 instead of mar 17) and will call me either tomorrow (fri) or next week with a csection date. sooo...i've still got nothing to go on. but i'm still freaked that she might come earlier. i'm supposed to take it easy but you know that won't happen. i'm a big girl so i know i could carry this heifer straight up to term and just have an 11 lb baby. but all is good cause jade is healthy so that makes me feel better.
the exciting news is that tomorrow is ben's 30th bday!!!!! he's an old man. but the cool thing is that for the first time in four years ben and i are going away overnight ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!! for his bday i arranged to have my mother watch the boys and then ben and i are going downtown to stay in a fabulous hotel (thank you bad economy for the great hotel price!) and just reconnect! i'm soooooooooo excited! my hubby has been working hard and we've had lots of stress so no one deserves it more than ben! (and hey i'm lucking out too)
so happy birthday sweet husband, i'm so blessed to be your wife!

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Lacey said...

Wowsers! That's crazy that you have no clue about your c-section date! Did you hear from them today? Hey - you're taller than me; if I can birth a 10lb 1oz baby, so could you!!! Wait, if it's a c-section, why are they worried about the baby being big??? Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Ben! I hope you two have/had a WONDERFUL, refreshing time away!