Friday, June 12, 2009

Oma and Opa Visit

so Oma and Opa (ben's parents) have been here since tuesday and it's been great. the boys have LOVED having them here and we certainly have too! they have been such a godsend to us! i've gotten to run errands, take naps, and have a date with my husband! the boys even spent the night with them last night and had the time of their lives! although i'm not sure opa did as he slept with ronan who tosses and lays on you! :) but Ben and i slept in till after 9! wooo hoooo! today we went to inflatable world and mission valley and had a blast! it's kind of expensive, but tons of fun! i highly recommend it for you san diego people! ronan is a boy of NO fear and will go down these gigantic slides by himself! zander, well, he took some warming up to the idea to go down by himself. but then you couldn't get him to stop. poor little ronan was so worn out he took a 4 hour nap! the kids are loving their oma and opa and having time with them. oma and opa have really gone crazy in loving our kids. we are so blessed to have them but we wish they lived closer. little jade has taken to them too and loves laughing whenever she hears oma. it's adorable. i'll include some pictures.
oh and here's a gross story for the day....last night i gave jade a bath and the boys were up on a chair watching. after i took jade to her room to change her, i came back and started to drain the water. but i noticed that there was something stuck to the bottom...thinking ronan had dropped one of his gummies in it (was he eating gummies?, but it's what i thought was in there) i stuck my hands down and dug my nails into it and pulled it up. poop. yup, it was poop. good grief....

ok i got a little scared....

At the hotel with Opa
packing their bags to go to oma and opa's hotel

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