Wednesday, June 24, 2009


holy cow...ronan is 2!!!! it's insane! i was sooo pooped last monday that i didn't write about the little guy's big day. we spent 5 hours at seaworld in the morning which was challenging. i had jade strapped to me, and the boys in the stroller. and it was hot! sooo...the boys had tons and tons of fun and absolutely love fish. ronan's decorations at home were all nemo too. so it was an appropriate place for his bday. then we came home and went to bed. when they woke up i cooked dinner for my parents and fam, then we opened gifts and played with the gifts. my parents got ro a little water table for outside that he LOVES! and so does zander. my mom also made the most amazing little nemo cake that ronan thought was awesome too! she didn't think she did a good job, but it was REALLY good. i soooo could not do that. i'm so glad she makes the cakes for each of the kids bdays. they love waiting to see what she's made for them. so a BIG THANK YOU MOM!
oma and opa also sent an inflatable fire house that the boys had a blast playing in the point of taking only 45 minute naps so they could wake up and come play on it again...blah! so they went to bed early!
i'm going to go get my camera and upload pics in a minute. so stay tuned!

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Adrienne said...

Happy birthday Ronan! Where has the time went???? It's amazing how similar two year olds are...Waylon's LOVES Nemo and the water table he got for his birthday! Funny!