Monday, November 16, 2009


i am completely overwhelmed and behind so here's a quick update. i had food poisoning today so i'm out of wack and way behind. nevermind the fact that i was gone all weekend and even further behind. ben stayed home today to help me so that was nice. i swear i feel like i get food poisoning all the time lately. weak stomach i guess. so friday we kidnapped melissa from my small group, and by we, i mean the rest of the small group girls. so we took her to dinner and then to an overnight in ramona. it was a lot of fun and good girl time. i have never had such friends that i've allowed in so closely in a long time. they are great girls and i love them. i hope melissa had fun too. on saturday ben and the kids came up and met me and we stayed till sun. morning. the kids LOVED the pool and had quite the middle of the night funny/trauma.
in the middle of the night saturday night we heard a blood curdling scream. like the kind you convince yourself you're going to walk in and see your child dead. so we took off to the boys room were they were sleeping together. zander was sitting in his bed bawling and ronan was trying to get into the closet. poor z claimed to have hit his head on his suitcase...but well, that was on the other side of the room. then he claimed his bunk bed, yup, that's at home. finally he said the table. so when he screamed he woke ro up who instead of helping his bro, he freaked and ran for the door crying! flee the scene child, good job. but instead he got the closet door cause he couldn't find the other door. so he was even more traumatized. poor silly children. however, jade slept through it all. even though she was sleeping in their bathroom. don't ask....

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Andrea said...

I just woke up my poor husband because I was laughing so hard! And the baby in the bathroom just sealed the deal!