Thursday, March 11, 2010

Jade's 1st Birthday!

Yesterday was Jade's first birthday! i still can't wrap my head around it! She lights up the room every time she enters it. she laughs uncontrollably and has inherited my weird honking laugh. she loves having an audience and does what she can to make you giggle with her! she loves her brothers fiercly but also knows how to cry quickly to get them in trouble. she loves her daddy and would do anything to get near him. and she loves to tuck her head onto your shoulder to give you cuddles. baby girl, i love you!
for her bday we opened presents when she first got up and went to lunch with gee gee and papaw. we won't be having cake till we celebrate with gee gee and papaw on saturday. so i'll have those pictures then. but here's just a few!

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