Monday, November 19, 2007

Blah Blah Rant

Today is just one of those blah days. I woke up sick with some flu like/vomitting thing. go figure. i felt like i was wearing a wet blanket all day. but ben stayed home with me which ment that i got lots and lots of sleep! woo hoo! so i laid in bed thinking of all the things we need to fix right now...why is it always at the holiday times? i probably started thinking about all of this because i could hear the water dripping in the other bathroom...yeah, it won't stop. our shower currently is clogged up thanks to my post partum falling out we're waiting to get that fixed too. 4 bottles of drano later, apparently we're going to need to call a real plumber. i'm also currently driving around a 1984 grand marquis....same as my old one, just ten years older. why? because my car feels the need to be ridiculously unsafe and we can't afford to take it to the shop just yet. thankfully my dad bought the '84 on a whim in case my car ever died. smart man! our computer is also on the capooey with the motherboard/usb port or whatever. not totally sure what's wrong, i just know i can't print anything. seriously, is it tax return time yet? ok, serious whining done.
on a positive note, i have the cutest boys in the world who keep me laughing. zander's oma and opa sent him some crafts to do and we worked on them tonight while ben was at class. (luckily i was able to not throw up on him!) it was a cute snowman and jonah thing.
only three more days till thanksgiving! wooo hooo!!!

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