Friday, November 16, 2007

My secret weapon

My dearset zander is set and ready to join with me in the force against surprises at christmas! yesterday, ben and the boys went shopping for me for one of my christmas presents. this morning, the first thing out of my precious son's mouth was "present for you mama!" and of course i followed that up with, 'what is it baby'? and he told me! what a fabulous child! of course ben got mad, and gave me the present anyways! (yeah!!! high school musical 2 soundtrack. yes i'm a dork!)
also, for those of you who don't know, ben we are involved with a church plant called Legacy Church. Ben is leading the worship and i'm doing the nursery-2 yrs. it's been a huge challenge but very rewarding. this week i'm trying to figure out a craft to do for the kids for thanksgiving. that's right, i said craft. hold the shock and awe! (mum i need your help on this one! :) ) anyways, we're also getting ready for Ronan's dedication on the 25th of Nov. i forgot that when you're in charge of the youngin's the dedication also falls into your category of job responsibility. soo...i'm trying to get a mat that goes in a frame (because i can't think of what this is called) and i'm going to put "it takes a church, to raise a child..." on it and have the church members sign it. cool huh?
ben is trying to become a cop too....long story. but his physical test is tomorrow morning at six am! please pray that he can complete the 500 yard obstacle course in 3 1/2 minutes! i'll let you know what happens!

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Just call me Red! said...

You should do their hand print on construction paper.. and cut it out and put eyes on it.. and it will look like a turkey..