Thursday, November 29, 2007

Fabulous Break

Today was a crazy day but so fabulous. We went to the park in the morning with our play group which totally wore zander down. then we came home, had lunch, and then nap time. Then the fabulous part...a lady from our church volunteered to come over and sit with the boys while they napped so i could go out. i had no idea what to do with my time so i went to barnes-n-nobles and got a peppermint white chocolate mocha (SO FABULOUS!) and then sat and read stupid tabloid magazines. it was so nice to just sit and be. thank you lisa for the wonderful break! I have a funny video that you might enjoy too. ronan is HILARIOUS in his jump-a-roo. he absolutely goes crazy. hope you enjoy it!

Zander also cracked me up yesterday too. we were driving in the car and i turned the radio up really loud and started singing. zander grabbed his ears, not covered them, just grabbed them, and screamed "FWEAK (freak) OUT MAMA! FWEAK OUT! turn it down!!!!" hahah...silly boy. he's so stinkin' cute. Also, everywhere we go zander gets so excited about christmas. today in target he started clapping his hands and yelling "christmas store, christmas store!" seriously, did i mention how cute he is? ok, one more funny story. when we were taking a walk, zander said he wanted snow cause it's christmas time. i tried to explain that there's no snow here in s.d. but he couldn't understand that. he said "no! snow clouds right there!" i told him there was snow where oma and opa lived and he said "ok, go see oma/opa, see snow now". :) sweet boy, someday i'm going to show him snow. ok, signing off for now.


Anonymous said...

That boy sure can do some jumpin'. Too cute! naomi

Deanna said...

So, today at our annual Hughes-ladies luncheon (or rather, brunch this year), I was told that you have a blog. It was pretty easy to find, and I am glad I did.

Hey, we missed you there today! :)