Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas fun!

well the annens all arrived wednesday, christmas eve. after a whirlwind hello we headed to our christmas eve service. why do people think we want the kids in the service with us just cause it's christmas eve?! umm...nope, i don't. send them to nursery! ronan was all over the place and the time i left i was hot and tired. the next morning the boys woke up bright and early ready for oma and opa, and uncle jay and aunt cheryl. and of course baby jake (even though he's the same age as ronan). ben and i fixed french toast casseroles so we ate a good breakfast and then opened presents. it was a great morning but pouring outside too. (not fun!) so we sat around and played with presents. ate some lunch, took naps, then went to denny's for dinner since it was pretty much the only thing open.
by the end of the evening we were all exhausted. it was early bed for everyone. then this morning we woke up and headed off to the wild animal park. thank goodness it had stopped raining but it was still freezing! (ok like 51 degrees) but the wild animal park was fun and they've added some great ways to get to the exhibits without a lot of walking (thank goodness for this hefty preggo!). we got to see everything we wanted and still leave by lunch time.
while the boys slept, oma and opa (these are ben's parents in case you're wondering) watched them so we could go down to the mall downtown. really, i shouldn't have walked any more without resting...hello, seven months pregnant now?~! i was exhausted. then we came home and i grilled some chicken and we ate and just hung out. i am really really tired....but fun was had by all. tomorrow i think we're going shopping at the outlet malls and ben said i can only go if i agree to a wheel chair. :) we'll see!
so i'm to bed i go. merry christmas all!

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