Sunday, December 7, 2008

Zander singing at church

I can honestly say that my heart is absolutely full after getting the priviledge to watch my precious song sing for the first time in church. I am definitely one of "those moms". :) Today the kids sang their songs in front of church for christmas time and it was a wonderful time. my parents came and zander was absolutely the proudest child ever to sing in front of us all. and for those of you who used to watch ben at the same age, you will be happy to know that zander sways while singing just like ben did. :) you never quite know how they're going to respond once they're on stage, but zander was a natural. but i'm way overly proud and biased. his three best girl friends, emma, caitlin, and elizabeth all sang too. i've included some pics to show you how adorable he was!

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