Friday, December 19, 2008

Crazy sick christmas!

the boys have been sick for over two weeks and the last few days have gotten a fever. so i took them to the dr. today only to be told that they were getting new illnesses so no antibiotics. dang it....ronan is struggling the most with not sleeping and the cough from all the drainage. zander's a little trooper. i was hoping to have them better by the time christmas rolled around and the annens all got here. apparently jake is sick too so they can all swap sicknesses. it'll be great. :) sunday the boys and i are headed to palm dessert to spend some time with my parents and ben is staying home cause he's still working. dec. 24 oma, opa, jay, cheryl, and jake all arrive. so hopefully i'll get things cleaned and goodies baked before then. being preggo at christmas is just not an easy thing. this baby is incredibly big, active, and painful. fortunately my pelvis has not been bothering me like it did with the last pregnancy so that's an answer to prayer! but i'm just sore and slow moving. no fun.
updates on the boys....ronan is a talking machine now. he repeats everything you say and of course loves to say "no!" but he says it so funny like. i can't write it, but he makes it sound cute. his favorite word is still "papaw" (my dad). he and zander love to wrestle and have dance parties. ronan copies everything zander does including how he plays with toys. its weird to me that ronan talks so much cause zander was well over two before he really started talking. ronan is also a VERY tall boy and sturdy. i thought zander was tall at his age, but ronan is huge.
as for zander, he's a true little angel. he has the sweetest heart and loves life. he's always thanking us for something, and giving hugs and kisses. his imagination is insane! i'm so not a creative person but zander blows me away with the things he imagines and stories he makes up. he loves to tell funny little made stories that just make me laugh. the other day we were driving and he told me he was flying in an airplane over oma and opa's house and jay and cheryl's house and they were drinking tea. TEA?! he's so weird...i don't even drink tea so i dont' know where he got that one from.
i love the boys so much even if they wear me down. honestly i'll be very glad to have the fam here so the boys get a little more play time attention that i haven't been able to give them so much lately.
well i'm off to bed....merry christmas friends!!!!

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Mary Zolene said...

You have a lovely family!! The boys are so freaking cute! Hope in the next couple of days they feel better....