Saturday, April 4, 2009

A clean house!!!!!!!!!!!!!

can i shout it from the rooftops now?! my house is CLEAN!!!!!!! finally!!!! we finally got our state taxes back which i swear i thought we weren't going to get, and i got to get my house CLEANED!!!! wooooo hooooooo!!! best feeling in the world! those women were AMAZING! they moved furniture to clean!!! FURNITURE! can you believe it?! who does that?! obviously not me with the look on their faces when they did move it! but now i want to put my children in cages so they can't get anything dirty! its' a catch 22; i love it clean, but i'm afraid to move or live with it clean. oh well, i'll still take clean.
so things here are going ok. for the most part we are finally all better. except for ben...he just came down with the same cold/cough thing we've all had, and now jade has the eye cold that ronan had. good times. i am coughing far less which is a huge answer to prayer cause let me tell you how much that sucked with a csection!
on the boys front...can i just reiterate that ronan is a STUBBORN child?! stubborn, stubborn, stubborn. tonight he sat at the table for over 1/2 hour refusing to eat! (does that sound like my husband's childhood or what?!) and i fixed him two different meals. he was just being a bum! then ben sat down with him and after two attempts, ronan ate for him. little punk. but on a postive note, he's talking in sentences which is just weird. tonight he said "where's my paci?" it's so odd cause he seems so little to me still!
the boys had fun tonight dressing up in their costumes. ronan wore zander's elephant costume and zander his dino. they wrestled all over the floor and were just hilarious. some day i'll post pics of the fun times, but it was hilarious. those are the moments i smile, take a deep breath, and thank God for the chance to be a mother.

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