Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Day

I love easter!! it's one of the most important holidays in the christian faith. it's a holiday reminding us of the hope we have in Jesus. He has conquered death, hallelujah! sadly, i didn't get to sing "up from the grave he arose! (sung with highly theatrical hand motions!)" today. :( that made it not such a wonderful easter. but my hubby's the worship leader so what can you do? :) before i get into the rest of easter, i have to tell you ronan's funny story from last night. before we went to bed, we heard some weird noises coming from the boys room. i thought ronan might be awake but wasn't sure. so ben went in to see if he was ok, but couldn't find him in the bed. instead, he found a little fuzzy head nuzzled up in the laundry baskets that are at the head of his bed. :) poor boy! it was hilarious. ben put him back into his bed with no memory of the instance. but we found his paci in the laundry hamper again this morning, so maybe he went back into the basket later.
so for easter, yesterday (saturday) we dressed the kids up and took pictures while i had ben to help me. so didn't work though....jade is suffering from baby acne and 'hey i look like an old man'. not so cute. and of course, getting three kids to smile at the camera is nearly impossible. plus ronan got ticked that he couldn't hold jade. but we did get a few. then we colored eggs in the back yard which was over very quickly the way the boys like to just drop and go.
today, was a chore getting all the kids dressed and out the door for church. did i mention i hate that ben leaves early to be there for practice! the devil is active on sunday mornings and i swear it's everything in my power to get them out the door! but we made it, early even! zander was going to be singing so i had to be there earlier than normal. but man was zander the most adorable child ever singing! i'm so proud of that little guy. he's truly a performer just like his daddy. ben also sang in church today. he got razzed for wearing a tie like the boys. but hey, i'm baptist, we dress up for easter. :)
here are some pics and the video of zander singing. enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

love the video and the pic of the kids all together is cute. Na