Wednesday, April 22, 2009

very tired very very tired

first, becky and paul hughes if you are reading this...thank you thank you for the cute sweater! becky it is so girlie and adorable! thanks for making it for her. er...i mean, paul thank you for making it and becky thank you for picking the color! :)
and here's an update on ben's job --> he loves it! soooo good that he loves it. it's a great fit for him, his supervisor loves him, and he feels like he's doing a good job. it's nice to see him so happy and excited to go to work. he's a great husband and a great father, and a hard worker. man i love him.
now today...oh man, what a day. the last two days jade has been refusing a bottle. she screams, and by scream, i mean SCREAMS, everytime the bottle goes near her. she has horrible gas and i think has become afraid of the bottle because when she sucks on the bottle, the gas gets bad. so i have to distract her with bouncing under the ceiling fan. sometimes it works, sometimes not so much. and she's not eating as much as she was either. so complicated. three kids is definitely a TON of work. i highly don't recommend having more than two. yup, that's my recommendation. three is ridiculously hard and for you who have three or more, you are equally as crazy. it's so hard to take care of jade's sudden special needs along with the two boys. especially with ronan and his stubborn ways. that boys needs to be an only child with all the attention and discipline he needs!
blah, baby is up i go to rock her....

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Lacey said...

Awww, Larissa! You can do it! Trust me, I know it's tough to have three kids. But remember that you are shaping three little lives to live for the Lord, and that is the most important job you could have! Now, please remind me of that fact when I have FOUR to deal with in about a month! :-) Love ya, girlie! You're doing a great job!