Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Today was not a good day. Poor Zander put his hand on our stove and got first and second degree burns on the inside of his thumb and wrist. He was seriously traumatized but very brave when we went to the doctor. It's so hard to see him in pain. Both boys are finally in bed and I feel truly exhausted. This has been a rough couple of months! Zander is still obsessing about snow too and he can't understand why we don't have any and why we can't just drive to oma and opas to see it. He is loving the christmas lights out though but he said he still needs to have snow on them. :)
The other night Zander went crazy and was doing a diaper dance in the living room for my parents. He was truly in rare form and was getting hyper right before bed. Hope you enjoy his weirdness! He definitely gets it from me!

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