Friday, March 21, 2008

Beach day and little prayers

It's my moms spring break week which means we're off and cruisin'! yesterday we went to the beach and needless to say it was PACKED with spring breakers! we were all the way to the last row with no parking places. i have never seen it so full before! just casually i said to zander "better pray for a parking spot!" all of a sudden he started praying: "dear jesus, please give present for parking car." so cute. then literally as he said "all done" (amen), a car right in front of us put on it's reverse lights and pulled out! it was the sweetest moment ever. the powerful prayers of children.....
then today we had a beach day with my parents. it was a beautiful day! warm, sunny, and fabulous! ronan went crazy and started eating sand so that was challenging. but he LOVED crawling around like a crazy kid in the sand. he was like a little crab! zander usually hates the water cause he's scared of the waves. sooo...i didn't actually bring his swimsuit. but today he decided to get his feet in the water and of course, fell over. but he still liked he just ran around in his under roos. it was adorable. the boys were loving it all and it was one of the moments were my heart was truly full watching them play. now it's five thirty and they're finally napping. :)
here's some beautiful pictures of my boys!

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