Friday, March 14, 2008


Ronan has a double ear infection AGAIN! i'm starting to think the first one didn't fully go away even though he had a follow up appointment to check it. he got a cold (thanks to zander) on sunday and last night he was up every HOUR crying which is definitely not like him. and his eye lids were very swollen and crazy looking. apparently the infection spread to his eyes too. great. so three different antibiotics later and hopefully we'll get him feeling better. oh and cvs was off to another bad start in getting them filled. grrr.....i'm so sick of cold and flu season. really really sick of it!
zander is also still sick and feeling not so great. he's coughing a lot and his nose is a leaky faucet. but on a positive note, HE'S POTTY TRAINED!!!!!!!!!!! no more pooping in his pants, paying diapers, or any of that none fun stuff. i'm so proud of him! woo hooo!
also, there were some firing of two people at ben's work. and one is quitting soooo....hopefully he'll get into a design position soon! keep praying for him!
also, we're on the dave ramsey financial freedom road. we're using the envelope system and trying to get our emergency fund savings. so hopefully we'll have a personal make over with our buying habits.
ok that's all for now!


The Fernihough's said...

Poor Ronan...I hope he sleeps better for you tonight and heals quickly!

A.B. Davis said...

God will bless you in interesting ways when you begin financial peace! We just finished up going through it twice...once at church, then with small group. I'm going to post on my blog about some awsome deals i've gotten since going to cash only and trying to stay in a budget. Anyway, just wanted to encourage you. it's tough, but worth it!