Sunday, March 2, 2008

Update on Ronan

I keep forgetting to write about all that has been going on with Ronan lately! he's changing so much lately! the 20th of february he popped his first bottom tooth and then a day later popped the other bottom front tooth. he's incredibly drooly still so i think another one is coming soon. i have a doctor's appointment tomorrow to check that his ear infections are gone.
also, today ben went to get him from his nap and the little booger was standing in his crib as proud as can be!!! soooo.....we had to lower the crib tonight. he's pulling himself up on everything! i'm so not ready for this!
saturday ben brought zander up for a haircut at the salon. the girls fell in love with him! he got an adorable haircut and i also got my hair done. umm....i'm kind of punk looking! but i like it and try not to care if others don't like it.
lastly, pray for my father who leaves for israel on tuesday morning! he's leading a group from the seminary and my mom isn't going with him! so he needs extra prayer! :) he'll be gone for ten days.
that's all for now!

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