Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Potty Training and Bass Guitars

Well i know everyone is just dying to know how potty training is going with zander! :) so far he seems to be completely done! just over night he started pooping in the potty and has done it for four + days. he also wakes up dry from naps and nights. at night he wakes up in the middle of the night if he has to go pee and tells us. sooo...all is good with that.
on another front, let's talk ben's job. he is in the process of moving to a designer position at his work, but currently they're rearranging shop. so right now he's out of his cubicle on the floor and has a JACKED up schedule. so he's had to miss small group, work on sundays (after church thank goodness), and go straight to class after work. so some days we don't see him much. :( but today he didn't go to work till 11:00 so we had a great morning together. we went bike riding and played outside together. the boys loved it.
speaking of the boys....one amazingly cute moment today was while we were playing outside. zander was in the sand box and we put ronan in there with him and they were so cute together! ronan wanted to eat most of the sand. but then he started flipping it through his fingers and playing with zander. it was definitely a moment i soaked up and cherished in my heart. LOVE MY BOYS!
Now on to bass guitars. I have once again returned to playing the bass. Ben asked me if wanted to play again cause they only have one guy who plays and he was going to be out of town. so on sunday we played together for worship and it was just a fun moment. the night before we practiced together and it was also good bonding time. i think i'm going to love playing with him again, even if it's only once in a while. i love my husband and i am proud to get to serve with him!

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