Saturday, March 22, 2008


well today started out as a great day. we had a sunday school picnic/egg hunt at the park. it was our old sunday school class from college avenue baptist church. ben had to work so it was just the boys and i. zander loved looking for eggs with his friends and ronan loved flirting with everyone. we got home and the boys went to sleep.
then they got up and zander refused to eat. which was weird but i didn't think much of it. i had to run to walmart so i told him he could eat afterwards. so we were walking through walmart and zander wanted to see the toys. we had taken maybe three steps when out comes everything zander has eaten in the last four days i swear. of course in front of EVERYONE and their mom. and then they took forever to show up to clean it up so by the time they got there i had pretty much wiped it all up with wipes. i thought i was going to join him.
came home, got him in bed and it's now ten thirty and he's thrown up twice in his bed. i can't believe it's the night before easter and he has the flu. i guess we won't be going to church tomorrow which sucks because ben is singing special music. blah. my poor little boy. pray for him and please pray that ronan doesn't get it either! or ben and i for that matter.

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