Friday, January 16, 2009

Zander's Bday update

so zanders bday was a fun day. luckily ben had the day off so he was able to come with us for the day. zander wanted to go to "inside park" aka playtown, in the morning. it's an indoor area full of play equipment like slides, jump kings, etc. both boys love it! but it was a homeschool co-op day so there were TONS of kids. after about an hour we bribed zander into leaving and going to the mall. he had a wall-e bday so we told him we'd take him to the Disney store to pick out a wall-e toy if he'd leave. so off we went! he also wanted rice and soy sauce for lunch so we did that at the mall too. of course, we couldn't leave without a ride on the carousal. after naps we went to carls jr. for dinner with my parents (also zander's choice.). then back to our house for cake and ice cream. and of course, my mother made one of her famous cakes for zander. an eve cake that he's still talking about! he LOVED it! then present time! of course the award winning present was Kota the triceratops dino! check out the pics!

aand just cause it's cute, my little cuddlebugs!

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Nichole said...

The cake is awesome. My daughter, Elizabeth, got Wall E for Christmas. The little boys, Brock (7) & Heath (2), watched it so much that I had to buy 1 for them before she went back to college.