Sunday, January 11, 2009

Poor little Ronan.

somewhere deep inside he does have such a tender little heart. the other day we were going to meet my mom. well he always has to say hi to the dog next door to us. he goes to the fence and giggles and talks to mocha the dog. well this particular day, ronan threw his little pacifier through the fence for mocha. and of course mocha gobbles it up immediately. i came running and coaxed mocha back to the fence and convinced the dog to relinquish the pacifier. feeling all proud of myself that i got it back unharmed i turned to ronan whose eyes filled with tears as he burst out crying. i didn't understand at first and i quickly went to clean the pacifier to give it to ronan thinking that's why he was crying. but once he was in the car seat and i had the pacifier all cleaned, ronan kept crying and crying. i gave him the pacifier to which he said "mo mo num num!!!" (mocha, pacifier!) little ronan had given mocha his most prized possession, his paci. and i had taken the gift back and that had crushed ronan. poor little thing. needless to say, i just drove off. mocha did not get to have the pacifier back. sorry ronan, someday you'll be glad. :)

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Everychapter said...

Oh, that is so sweet! I wish Squeaker would do that. I can't get him to give the silly thing up! He's only allowed to have it at nap and bed time but if he had a choice he would only take it out to talk. Stinker!