Monday, January 19, 2009

two steps forward, one step back

we had one successful night and two naps with ronan in zander's room. then...they got colds...and then....zander started coughing like a maniac and shaking the bunk....then...ronan woke up every five minutes....then....we moved him back into his old room. blah. but at least i know now that ronan can sleep in zander's room and be ok. so i'm going to take a deep breath and not stress over it. but man i want ronan out so i can work on jade's room at night. but hey, it's seven weeks till she's here...i guess i can survive another week or so!
the last few days i've had tons of pressure and a feeling like my stomach is being pulled to the ground. my bh contractions are more intense and during the day more instead of just at night. so my dr. told me to go to triage at mary birch to get checked out. dumb. i have an apt on thursday with him. so i get to triage...they hook me up and monitor me. i'm laying on my side and of course there are no contractions. i tried to tell them that. the contractions are when i'm sitting, walking, moving...whatever. so she said she cant' check my cervix since i have a low lying placenta. ok, great. so how do you know if anything is going on? shouldn't you do an ultrasound to check? nope, just go home. wonderful. thank you for your worthless opinion and uselessness in this issue. oh she did say to stay off my feet since that seems to help the contractions stop. umm, ok...then are you going to come over and clean my house and do my laundry and feed my children? oh no? ok then, shut it.


Just call me Red! said...

I'll come over and help you :) Won't that be a site :) ha ha ha!!

Chad, Dilenna, Ashlynn, and Audree said...

Oh Larissa, you crack me up :)

A Davis said...

dude, i feel you on that one. i need to rest more, because of bp. but how, when, my house is a wreck.