Monday, January 26, 2009

scary times

so last night at around 8:30 ben had a conference call for work to be informed that the home depot was going to close all the expo design centers across the us, and many of the other stores. i swear my heart stopped when i heard the news. the stores will start liquidating tomorrow and then close april 8 (projected date). however, ben's job is useless now since he brings in retainers and there is no need for that now. so he might be thrown on the floor to sell, or be let go sooner than april 8. either way, they are offering 60 days severance with full medical. so praise God jade will be born under insurance. but now we are spinning...or maybe i should say i'm spinning. ben has been a pillar of strength and is already making plans to figure out how to get us by. i go through periods of being completely at peace to feeling like i can't breathe. I know God is good, and he is in control, but honestly sometimes walking through that path of struggle just sucks. and this just sucks. will the outcome be ok? i truly believe so, but i just don't want to hurt and struggle through. but that's just me being a baby. please join us in prayer as we search for a job and find out where God wants us to be.
anyone got a job for us? :)


Karen said...

I can't get you guys off my mind. I am praying that you will have peace as you wait for God's plan to unfold.
Aunt Karen

Sources of Joy said...

We know all too well that trusting God in the midst of a layoff is difficult and draining. Aaron was off for 3 months. But God is good! We had the good fortune to see him work in mighty ways during those months and even since. We'll be praying for you.

mejane said...

I heard about it on the radio this morning and immediately thought of you guys. You are not being a baby! It IS scary. You will be in our prayers. It WILL be o.k.