Monday, January 5, 2009

Big Boys

ronan and zander both had doctor appointments today and are exactly 10 lbs a part (27 and 37 lbs) and 10" apart (35 and 45 inches). they are both tall and skinny. 50% and 95% for both of them. it's so funny to me that they still look nothing alike, so much so the doctor even commented on it. they both got shots and neither cried! good boys! i think ronan didn't cry just cause zander didn't.
i finally got our take home outfit for little jade tonight. i feel much better now she can come. hahhahah....cause heaven forbid she come home in a normal footie pj or something! :) hey, i'm only getting one girl, i'm going to make it big!
i'd post a picture but it's not online and i've been searching for hours. i'm currently watching ben sew the bedding for jade. its funny to watch. in case you didn't know, the ebay bedding i loved, the lady gave our money back and said she sold it on craigs list instead. ptpth! stupid lady. but ben is doing a fabulous job and it's going to look amazing! i let him pick the material so it's contemporary but still girly. black and white with hot pink accent. very cute. i also have found a diaper bag i highly covet. but thank you betsey johnson for making it $135 so i will never acquire it. :( here's a pic.

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