Thursday, January 29, 2009

Update on Baby Jade

Today i had another ultrasound to make sure that my placenta had moved. good news is, the placenta has moved! woo hoo i guess but since i'm having a csection it really doesn't matter. however, the tech would NOT tell me much at all. i asked how big the baby was and she wouldn't tell me. she got a weird look and said she couldn't say cause of liability and the doctor would discuss everything with me. she did say, 'have you been measuring big?' and just to feel her out i said, 'yeah around 1 1/2 week to 2 weeks ahead' (just to see mind you, in reality i hadn't been) and she said, 'yea that's about right'. SO....that scares me! she's going to be freakin' HUGE! so now i have to wait till next thursday to see what the doctor says. unless something is seriously wrong and then i think they will call me. i can say that she has adorably chubby cheeks like zander did, and a pouty upper lip like zander too. she's truly beautiful. someday i'll scan the pictures in. oh and she is still a girl! i know i know, but i still freak out and think a boy might come out!
and no update from work. but thanks again for your prayers and support!

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Lacey said...

Larissa...I like having big babies. (Especially if you're having a c-section - you don't even have to push her out!) Mine have all been big (9 lb. 12 oz, 9 lb 13 oz, and 10 lb 1 oz), and I love it! I'm expecting Jaden to be 10-something, since that seems to be the pattern. I wouldn't even know what to do with a smaller baby! :-) I'm excited for you that she's still a girl! (P.S. I'll get around to the picture thing that you tagged me for in the last post. Maybe not today!)