Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jade is here!!!!

This morning my pelvis snapped while getting out of the shower and may be broken (will find out after tomorrow morning's xray). i was in so much pain and could not walk or move so ben had to carry me to the car and on to the hospital. because my csection was scheduled for friday they decided to go ahead and take the baby. my darling little baby weighed in at 9 lbs! (8 15 1/2") she is 20" long and totally fine. her lungs are great and really strong, and no problems at all. i on the other hand, may be in for some major rehab after i get out. if it's broken i may even have to have a pin put in my pelvis. so please pray for me!


Mary Zolene said...

She is beautiful!!! We will be praying for your recovery.

Sasha said...

She is soo precious! Congratulations and feel better soon!